Activlab Mass Up – composition, action, flavors

Dietary supplement Activlab Mass Up is a so-called gainer.What are gainers?This is a special type of dietary supplement whose task is to support a bodybuilder in the process of building muscle mass.It provides energy that is very important, although it is not the only element that should appear in the diet of an athlete or a person exercising for their own pleasure.


  1. Activlab Mass Up – the composition of the gainer
  2. Activlab Mass Up – who is this gainer for?
  3. Activlab Mass Up – how does it work?
  4. Activlab Mass Up – flavors
  5. Activlab Mass Up – dosage

Mass Up

  1. Activlab Mass Up – the composition of the gainer

There are two types of carbohydrates in the Activlab Mass Up weighter.The first one is simple simple sugars. This Activlab Mass Up element is designed primarily for replenishing glycogen stores in the body.Absorption of sugars is very fast, thanks to which this process takes place almost immediately.The remaining part is carbohydrates with an extended time of energy release.

The second element of Activlab Mass Up is protein and amino acids.Proteins are simply building blocks for muscles. Their appropriate amount satisfies the needs of a well-trained person.Amino acids are in turn substances that are needed to process the proteins of the Activlab Mass Up diet supplement for use in the construction of muscle tissue.These are primarily amino acids from the BCAA group, which can not be produced by the body alone and must be supplied from food.Unlike other dietary supplements with a similar effect, Activlab Mass Up is not limited to the presence of BCAA amino acids, it also provides other amino acids necessary for intensive training.

The other ingredients included in the Activlab Mass Up dietary supplement are supportive substances, among which you can name a number of vitamins and minerals, especially creatine.Creatine is a special substance appearing in human muscles, acting as a catalyst for the muscle building process.It looks like this: the higher the level of creatine in the muscles, the more effectively the muscle is built.The Activlab Mass Up diet supplement contains creatine in the form of a monohydrate, which improves its absorption.It makes the muscle saturation with creatine much faster and using smaller doses than with the use of drugs that have other forms of creatine.


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  1. Activlab Mass Up – who is this gainer for?

Dietary supplement Activlab Mass Up was created primarily for people who are training very intensively strength sports and disciplines that combine strength and speed, such as inventory.In the case of such disciplines, it is important to maximize muscle mass.Activlab Mass Up may also be used by people who only train in a recreational way, but intensively.If anyone is interested in the fastest muscle growth, Activlab Mass Up will be a solution regardless of the level of training.Nutritionists recommend that the Activlab Mass Up diet supplement should be used especially by people with a naturally elevated metabolic rate, ie people who train very intensively.

  1. Activlab Mass Up – how does it work?

The work of the Activlab Mass Up supplement is relatively simple.The most important effect of its operation is providing the body with the right amount of energy for building the muscle.Building and maintaining muscle mass are the most energy-intensive processes that take place in the human body.1 portion of the Activlab Mass Up diet supplement contains about 400 calories, which are partially absorbed immediately and partly for a long time, which provides the body with the first possibility of rapid regeneration and then quiet muscle building during the rest period.

  1. Activlab Mass Up – flavors

Dietary supplement Activlab Mass Up is available in several flavors, so you can adjust it to your preferences.The classic flavors of the gainer are coconut, banana and vanilla.You can also opt for less sweet flavors – chocolate, strawberry and forest fruits.Recently, new flavors have also been sold – walnut and cherry yogurt.They are for the time being put to the test, but the answer of bodybuilders is very good and most likely will remain on offer.

  1. Activlab Mass Up – dosage

Gainer Activlab Mass Up should be taken daily, on training days and on days without training.Every day a typical bodybuilder should take two doses of the supplement, although this can be changed by a dietitian or personal trainer.

The typical Activlab Mass Up dose amount is 100 g. This dose can be easily measured using the special measuring cup provided with the gainer.This amount of the product should be dissolved in about 1 cup of water at room temperature and stirred well.You can use a shaker to do this.

On training days, take the first portion immediately after training as soon as possible.The second dose is taken between meals.On days without training, both doses should be taken between meals.


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