Acidification of the body – is it dangerous to our health?

If we care about good health, we should ensure the acid-base balance of our body. It is worth knowing that especially acidification is harmful to our health. We should try to compose our diet in such a way that it contains the proper amount of both products with acidic and alkaline pH.

Acidification of the body and its very bad effects

People who care about their health are well aware that under no circumstances should they allow their bodies to become acidified. This can cause many negative symptoms such as indigestion, heartburn, and a significant decrease in immunity. When our body is acidified, it is much less able to deal with bacteria and viruses that attack us from all sides. Acidification makes us feel weak. We don’t have energy, we feel dizzy and have headaches. In addition to the fact that we don’t feel well, we also do not look good. Some people develop unsightly dark circles under the eyes, we observe more skin disorders than usual. We break our nails more often, we observe increased hair loss and many more.

If we do not react to the first symptoms associated with acidification of the body, it can turn into much more serious ailments. Few of us realize that the effects of prolonged acidification may be hypertension, diabetes, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, or even overweight. Mental problems such as attention deficit disorder, nervousness, sleep disorders and even severe depression may also appear. In extreme cases, acidification may lead to cancer. However, we can avoid all these ailments by properly composing our diet. I must admit that the stakes are very high and it is worth taking measures that will ensure our better health and well-being.

Eating what products results in acidification?

If we want to avoid acidification of the body, we should be aware of what products cause them and limit their consumption. This does not mean, however, that we should give up on them. In the right amounts, they are necessary for us to stay healthy. The rule is clear – the body acidifies products that are rich in sulfur, chlorine and potassium. If we are looking for products with acidic pH on the store shelf, we should reach for meat, sausages, fish and eggs. It is hard for many people to imagine a diet without meat, but it must be remembered that it should not completely dominate our menu. Our list also includes a large number of dairy products – but we do not include buttermilk and milk in this group. Also, be careful with sugar and all kinds of sweets.

If we are looking for products in our diet that can acidify our body, it is worth paying attention to nuts – especially peanuts. High on our list is also coffee and tea. If we observe the symptoms of acidification, we should reduce the amount of these products in our menu.