Acai – health and slim figure

There are supplements that affect our well-being, while others help reduce unnecessary body fat, while others are necessary for improving health parameters.

In today’s article I will describe one of these supplements, which should draw the attention of people who are on a reduction diet, but not only. \

What are we talking about? Acai berries

Acai berries have many interesting properties that were already appreciated in the 19th century. These small fruits look like the blueberry known to us, and their taste is similar to chocolate. Thanks to their valuable properties, they are one of the most frequently chosen dietary supplements not only for weight-loss reasons, but for many others.

Acai 500mg
Acai properties

  • antioxidants contained in these berries effectively help us remove unnecessary toxins from our system,
  • the fiber contained in them supports digestive processes,
  • they are included in thermogenics, because they increase our body temperature, using energy from body fat, and this improves our weight loss,
  • antioxidants contained in Acai berries neutralize free radicals, which is why they can be a strong anti-cancer prophylaxis, in addition, Acai berries provide us with the energy we need,
  • the anthocyanins contained in them also slow down the aging process, and phytosterols protect the connective tissue and collagen in our body,
  • thanks to which our skin looks younger and brighter,
  • Acai berries contain polyphenols that, among others, slow the production of endothelin. Excess of this substance may lead to serious diseases,
  • including atherosclerosis or coronary heart disease,
  • they can be eaten by people with diabetes or insulin resistance (these fruits have a low glycemic index),
  • thanks to Acai fruit, you can effectively treat reflux as well as other stomach diseases, including gastric and duodenal ulcers,
  • Acai berry juice regulates blood pressure,
  • regular consumption decreases the level of LDL cholesterol and increases the level of HDL,
  • increases the absorption of non-heme iron,
  • in addition, regular consumption of supplements that contain Acai berry extract will improve our well-being, give us vital strength and reduce fatigue,
  • it is recommended to use this supplement to active people, because Acai berries improve regeneration, e.g. after a lot of effort, and increase endurance, which is useful for training,
  • thanks to this supplement, we will strengthen our immune system, thanks to which it will be stronger in the fight against infections or viruses,
  • the calcium content in Acai berries strengthens our skeleton and protects against osteoporosis,
  • and beta-carotene and vitamin C have a positive effect on our eyes,
  • the content of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants improves our sleep and reduces stress.

Application of Acai

Supplements that contain Acai berry extract are recommended primarily for physically active people and sportsmen. Thanks to their rich composition, these supplements positively affect the efficiency, which translates into a more effective training, and also improve post-workout regeneration, which is also an important element of body shaping. In addition, these supplements are also recommended for people who have a mental job, because they improve concentration, reduce fatigue, and protect the eyes, while long computer work in inappropriate conditions affects the deterioration of vision.

It is also worth reaching for such supplements when you want to lose some kilos. Thanks to thermogenic properties, as well as the right amount of fiber, these supplements help to improve the figure. Their use will also find a positive response in people who want to strengthen their immunity and prevent the development of cancer. As you can see, Acai berries have a number of uses, which is why they are a very recommended supplement in recent times.

Of course, due to the vitamins and minerals that they contain, these berries can be treated as a supplement supplementing their possible shortages.


Extracts from Acai berries are quite well tested and tested. It is worth to introduce them to your daily supplementation, because thanks to the rich composition it will certainly positively affect our body.


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