AAKG Olimp – perfect support for trainers

Dietary supplement AAKG Olimp is not a typical gainer, a mixture of building material and energy for building the largest muscles, it is also not a typical protein nutrient, thanks to which the body receives a proper portion of proteins for proper expansion, it is not a BCAA amino acid complex, without which it is impossible muscle building.The only ingredient contained in the AAKG supplement is a special compound that provides the body with high doses of the amino acid arginine.It turns out that these inconspicuous capsules have a gigantic effect on the human body and provide him with the opportunity to develop in a way previously unheard of.


  1. AAKG Olimp – proper nitrogen management
  2. AAKG Olimp – easier construction of proteins
  3. AAKG Olimp – hormones
  4. AAKG Olimp – reduction of body fat
  5. AAKG Olimp – the way of reception

AAKG Xplode

  1. AAKG Olimp – proper nitrogen management

The action of nitrogen in the human body is associated with many phenomena. For people who train, it is important that nitrogen is part of the proteins that make up the muscles. Muscle repair processes are also very difficult, which can lead to the destruction of muscle tissue by incorrect nitrogen management.

It should be noted that this element can lead to almost poisoning of the body, because it will be available in the form of unsuitable for use, for example, urea, a typical waste of the metabolic process.

The supply of nitrogen in the form of arginine by the AAKG Olimp dietary supplement makes the body able to properly manage the nitrogen economy.

  1. AAKG Olimp – easier construction of proteins

AAKG Olimp supplies the body with arginine, which is one of the amino acids that builds the human body.For a long time manufacturers of dietary supplements have not paid attention to this substance at all because the body is able to produce it on its own. At that time, it was not appreciated how great her role in the body was, how various functions are fulfilled by her and how much intensive people are needed in the body.

The most important for building muscle proteins are the amino acids from the BCAA group, a small supply of branched chain amino acids is completely sufficient to satisfy all the needs associated with these amino acids.In practice, it is much more likely that the deficient product is arginine, an amino acid that is used massively during the processing of any protein into muscle proteins.

  1. AAKG Olimp – hormones

For the athlete, the proper hormonal economy is of great importance as well.In the modern world, we are exposed to various kinds of environmental pollution, stress, have personal problems, live in noise, and our circadian rhythm is incorrect. There are a lot of problems and they all make up the dysregulation of the mechanisms that govern the body’s proper work.

Arginine is an important component of very many hormones and other biologically active substances that can be treated as a system of proper organism management as a whole. When this control system is working properly, the body feels better and this is not just about the issues involved in muscle development.

  1. AAKG Olimp – reduction of body fat

Another important mechanism triggered by the AAKG Olimp diet supplement is more active fat burning. Fat and carbohydrates can be a good source of energy in the human body, but you have to bear in mind that they are used in a variety of chemical processes. To be able to effectively burn body fat, it is necessary to start mechanisms aimed at its decomposition, which leads to the acquisition of more energy.

  1. AAKG Olimp – the way of reception

AAKG Olimp should be taken in a dose of 1-2 capsules during the day. Trainers should take the supplement about 30 minutes before starting the workout. And non-training people should take it between meals.


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