A probiotic for our health – are they worth it?

 In the era of learning development, what we eat and what helps us has arisen a lot of interest in probiotics. It is worth presenting how they really are and how they can help us in our daily lives. I invite you.

Probiotics – what they are

Probiotics are living microorganisms that are supposed to have health benefits for our body. Products where we can find them

  • food like yoghurts
  • dietary supplements
  • products that we do not take orally (skin creams, etc.)

Despite the fact that there is a belief in the harmfulness of microorganisms or bacteria, in fact, many of them are able to help our bodies to function properly. For example, bacteria in our intestines support the digestion of food, destroy microorganisms responsible for various diseases or produce vitamins. A huge amount of microorganisms lives both in and on our body. Many of them are often found in products that contain probiotics.

Probiotics and their effect on health

Researchers studied various probiotics to see if they are able to help us cure various diseases, like

  • digestive disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, irritable bowel syndrome or diarrhoea resulting from infection
  • oral problems like caries or periodontal disease
  • liver disease
  • cold
  • allergic disorders such as atopic dermatitis

In terms of the effects, it can be seen that there is preliminary evidence that probiotics are able to help in case of diarrhoea arising from infections or taking antibiotics. In addition, it may have a positive effect on the improvement of irritable bowel syndrome, however, more research is still needed, mainly because it is difficult to determine exactly which probiotics actually work, but which are not. Apart from that, it is also not certain who the functional food will have a positive influence on and who will have no effect on anyone.

Despite the fact that some probiotics have been promising in the conducted studies, we do not have too hard evidence that it is really worth to supplement them. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has not approved functional foods as to whether they are actually able to affect our health. Of course, these are still legal products, but as you can see in this light more research is still needed to confirm the guesses about how they can help our body and our health.

Bifido Forte is revolutionary product in probiotic segment. In contains a set of Bifidobacterium patented species, which are highly helpful for athletes health.
Bifido Forte is revolutionary product in probiotic segment. In contains a set of Bifidobacterium patented species, which are highly helpful for athletes health.

Probiotics and side effects

It is generally accepted that in healthy people no adverse effects should occur when taking supplements that contain probiotics. However, it is worth noting that most of the research done in this topic did not look at the harmfulness of these products. Mainly, it is connected with the fact that certain groups of people may react differently to specific microorganisms. For this reason, we need more research again, which will determine exactly whether to eat probiotics.


Functional food is certainly an interesting topic. Ultimately, this results from the fact that in our bodies we find various bacterial cultures that support us in our daily functioning. However, when it comes to taking probiotics in the form of food, supplements or creams, we still need solid research and concrete results. Certainly, over the years we will learn a lot more and we will gain more certainty as to whether it is really worth taking such products.