A healthy harmful diet. Combination of dishes and ingredients

What products should not be combined? White cheese, fish, vegetables are healthy ingredients that should be found in every diet, but in combination with certain products, also rich in nutrients, they can become worthless or worse, harmful Discover unfavorable combinations of dishes that are better avoided.


What products should not be combined with each other? Some products interact with each other adversely, and although each of them serves health and is recommended by doctors, the combined in one dish become worthless

Our health and beauty depend on 70 percent of what we eat. If your diet is poorly composed, buying expensive medicines and cosmetics, you throw money away

Doctors and beauticians confirm this opinion, and we also know that the lack of vitamins and micro- and macro-elements in the daily menu is the cause of many diseases, including cancer.

That is why knowledge about nutrition is so important, including the fact that certain products serve our health and beauty, while others do not. It is also worth knowing the principles of selecting individual ingredients from which a wholesome dish is made.


Harmful combinations of cucumber + tomato

Cucumber contains a specific ingredient – ascorbate, an enzyme oxidizing vitamin C. A teaspoon of cucumber juice will destroy all vitamin C in 3 liters of tomato juice. A few slices of cucumber, added to a salad of tomatoes, peppers and parsley (a wealth of vitamin C), deprive the whole a salad of this vitamin.

It is generally believed, what is the truth? Cucumbers actually, contains ascorbinase, but cucumber would have to know how long to lie with tomato in one sandwich or salad, so that one with the other mutually worked.

And besides, just add a few drops of lemon juice to the salad, then the pH decreases and the acorubinase stops working, and also the replacement of fresh pickled cucumber solves this problem.

It turns out that the absolute prohibition of combining these vegetables is not justified, and the phrase” should not be combined “is a myth.


Harmful connections red meat + wine

Older textbooks recommend dry red wine to beef, pork and game (younger ones are not as rigorous when choosing alcoholic beverages).

Food experts say that the flavors of beer and meat work together perfectly, but nutritionists are not particularly impressed with this combination.

Tannins contained in wine limit the absorption of iron from the gastrointestinal tract, and the rich source of this element of life is just red meat.

Therefore, the combination of red wine with dark meat speaks for taste, but health reasons – no longer.



Tomato + white cheese = sick joints. It’s a myth!

Some argue that combining tomato and cheese in a diet can lead to joint pain.In their opinion, many acids (citric, apple, chlorogenic and coumarin), which determine the characteristic taste of tomato, combine with the calcium contained in the cheese.

Insoluble crystals form, which accumulate in the joints and cause severe pain with every movement.

There is no scientific evidence to support this thesis.In the diet in joint diseases there is no recommendation not to combine tomatoes and cheese in the dish.


Harmful combinations of tea + cake

Fluffy yeast cake with strong and aromatic tea soothes nerves? Nothing more wrong.” Tannins, giving the tea a bitter taste, act on the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract and reduce the absorption of proteins and bind calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and other important for the body micronutrients.

They also destroy vitamin B1, and yeast dough is an extremely rich source, which determines the proper functioning of the nervous system.

That’s why it’s safer to drink a weaker brew of tea for yeast dough. It’s good to know that tannins are also found in coffee.


Harmful combinations of tea + lemon

There are many valuable ingredients in tea leaves that protect against cancer or stroke, while lemon is a rich source of vitamin C.

The combination of these two ingredients should give a health elixir, but the opposite is true: tea leaves contain a lot of aluminum, which is accused of causing changes in the brain (Alzheimer’s disease.) In tea infusion, it occurs in a form unsuitable for the body.

So you can drink tea without fear of health.” The addition of lemon juice means that the non-absorbable aluminum turns into easily absorbed aluminum citrate, so it’s better to avoid drinking strong tea with a lot of lemon juice.


Harmful connections fish + sunflower oil

Marine fish are a real elixir of youth and contain an unusual ingredient – omega-3 fatty acids. This fat neutralizes prostaglandins, causing inflammatory changes in the joints, neoplastic diseases and disorders in the functioning of the nervous system.

Omega-3 is a specific rival of omega-6, found in sunflower and corn oil, if there are a lot of omega-6 fatty acids in the body, and low omega-3, the former suppress the beneficial effects of the latter – the bad ratio of fatty acids in our diet is one of the most important factors accelerating the aging of the organism.

Adults and children should eat fish at least twice a week, it is a big mistake to fry them in oil rich in omega-6 fatty acids – sunflower and corn, and the best solution is baking, steaming or grilling.

Do not combine fish with mayonnaise or salad with vinaigrette dressing.When buying sprats or sardines in a can, choose those in your own sauce or olive oil.


Harmful connections of kiwi + gelatine

The fruit contains a compound that breaks down collagen, and the gelatin is made up mainly of collagen, which is why kiwi jelly will never break up. To get rid of the kiwi, you need to burn it.


Harmful connections of potatoes + butter

Potatoes are low in calories.Two large boiled potatoes provide only 100 kcal .The spoon of butter is only 60 kcal .The two products are not a caloric bomb, eaten separately are simply recommendable, but eaten together – unfortunately, fatten! Why is this happening?

Potatoes are a good source of easily digestible carbohydrates, they have a very high glycemic index, which means that after eating potatoes, the blood glucose levels rise dramatically.

To reduce it, the pancreas produces large amounts of insulin, which works not only on the level of glucose, but is also responsible for the work of fat cells.

It mobilizes them to stock up on energy, and food fats are stored almost completely.

That’s why combining easily digestible carbohydrates with fat is a threat to the figure. So let’s avoid the addition of butter, oil, oil, etc. to fruit, sugar, white flour and some vegetables (carrots, potatoes, beets).


Do not do this

Avoid these connections

Garlic + yeast

Garlic is a killer of bacteria, viruses and fungi.Even a small addition to the dough with yeast (mushrooms) makes this cake will not grow.To give the cake a garlic note, better after baking, for example, smear them with a clove of garlic.

Mushrooms do not like alcohol

The popular saying says “all mushrooms are edible, but some only once”.Anyone who thinks it is only about toadstools and other poisonous species is wrong.Eat fried or stewed edible mushrooms, you can also go to the hospital, especially when the mushroom dish is drunk with wine, beer or vodka.Alcohol cuts a specific strain of fungal proteins that become indigestible.This causes serious digestive problems, but it does not lead to serious complications.These happen when you eat a common blackworm.This edible and very tasty fungus contains coprin – a toxin that blocks the breakdown of alcohol in the human body.If, within two days after eating these mushrooms, alcohol is drunk – even in very small amounts (eg in herbal drops) – there are violent reactions that, depending on the circumstances, can even lead to death.