A double pyramid; progression plus regression

I decided to bring the topic of the so-called piramidek or regression and progression seeing that many people have no idea what these two simple methods rely on. First, I will give a theory regarding these two concepts that no one would be wrong later. 

Progression – increasing the load in a given exercise with successive series while maintaining a constant number of repetitions or reduced to adequate weight and energy stocks in a given series. 


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/ -the next series 


There is also progression in relation to the markers and not to the training unit … So, for example. Instead of interfering in each series, we increase the load at the next training session.

If we do not make the assumed number of repetitions, we have to go back one level below, that is, on the weight we were doing the exemplary 8 repetitions correctly technically … 

Regression – (a method unnecessary for beginners) reducing the load in a given exercise with successive series while maintaining a constant number of repetitions or increased corresponding to the weight and inventory of energy in a given series .. 

we start training with a very solid warm-up based on circulatory exercises, etc. in order to warm up joints, ligaments, muscles etc. later with a weight of 50% CM 1-2 series of 15 free accurate restructures .. when someone begins regressions from weights of about 85% -max CM is worth adding another series of warming with a load of 70% CM with 5-6 repetitions .. 

after which we use regressions .. 


We can also use regression in relation to macrocycles .. 

because as we know the Weiderian principle says that we have to subject the body to more and more difficult tests so it would not make sense to stay on a given load and reduce the number of repetitions with weeks 

Let’s get to the point 

Well, I combined one of these beautiful methods of the day. The effect surprised me a lot … Namely, I used a combination of regression and progression in the cage training and exactly in the bed lying … I made 10 kg of strength on the bench in 8 weeks with my training experience is a feat, the more more that I did not use creatine and other supplements that would chew the body / strength 


I present what is going on 

We make a cage once a week for bench press while we spend the most attention … the technique must be exemplary as someone has a lack of recommendations, I recommend reading THIS ALL THEMES there, each of us exchanged basic mistakes in this exercise … 



1 week we start with regression 

extrusion lying 4p / 4p / 6p / 8p / 10 / p – the load in the first series must be with a reserve of 2-3 repetitions in order to make these 10 repetitions in the last series. I also recommend applying to the eccentric phase (ie lowering the bar) which should be slower than the concentric phase (lifting), and this must be dynamic (both must be controlled) 

We start the week 2 if we managed to do all the series in the previous week, as we assumed this week, “we raise the bar and we overload the load by (2.5 kg – 5 kg) I went down by 2.5 kg and it was enough .. 

3 weeks regression 

4 weeks progression 

5 weeks regression 

6 week progression 

7 week regression 

8 week progression 

after 8 weeks, it’s time to regenerate – training with reduced intensity, we make 10 kg progress in 2 months)

it is also possible to combine the progression with one step, which is why we warm up well and then back down to a smaller weight with more repetitions, which we pump in at the end of the blood training, thanks to which we deliver blood through the muscle to the given nutrient