7 things that are slowly killing you

We all want to live as long as possible in good health and relative prosperity. I don’t think there is even one person on Earth who would not like it. Unfortunately, there are many things that are harmful and even dangerous in our lives. The habits of modern man turn out to be very unhealthy.

Here are seven things that will shorten your life and make you lose health. Some of them are unfortunately everyday practice. It seems difficult to limit them. Nevertheless, for better health – one of the most valuable things a person has – it is worth considering a change in your lifestyle.

Lack of physical activity

Bad news for all office workers, lack of exercise is unhealthy. Seemingly the truth is as old as the world, but it turns out that even regular exercise does not help people who spend most of their time in an armchair or chair. Research published in 2012 by the BMJ Open (a scientific journal) found that reducing sitting to less than three hours a day can extend life by about two years.


We’ve all heard that stress can be harmful to our health and immune system, but research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that stress can even damage our DNA. Participants of the conducted research, exposed to long-term stress, had shorter telomeres (responsible for protecting and joining the ends of DNA strands, and thus preventing the breakdown of our genes over time).

Too long screen time

Another bad news for people who spend a lot of screen time (monitor or computer). According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, staring at a screen more than 4 hours a day can increase the risk of a heart attack and stroke by up to 113 percent!

Unhealthy habits which decrease your lifetime
Unhealthy habits which decrease your lifetime

Lack of sex

Finally, the good news for most of us, sex extends our lives and helps counter the effects of ageing. We already know that sex helps relieve stress and burns some calories, but Duke University research has found that women who enjoy their sex lives live an average of almost eight years longer. Also, men who declare a higher than average frequency of orgasms live much longer.


As you probably know, your diet has a huge impact on your health. Too much-processed food and red meat, and not enough fresh fruit and vegetables can contribute to serious health problems. Foods knew as Junk Food, i.e. junk food, are particularly dangerous. The more chemicals in the foods you eat, the shorter your life will be and the more likely you are to develop cancer. So before you order a burger and Coca-Cola at McDonald’s again, think about going home and making a meal by yourself.

Incorrect sleep amount

Of course, too little sleep is bad for your health. However, few people know that sleeping too much is also not good. Many studies on sleep have found that people who sleep more than 9 hours a night are 41 percent more likely to develop heart disease than those who sleep 7-8 hours.

Too many drugs

It’s a habit that we take a lot of drugs. Plus, we don’t need a serious reason to take another pill. An ordinary headache, runny nose, insomnia or nervousness – instead of treating the causes, we choose a quick solution. A 12-year study has shown that people who do not take medication for frivolous reasons have a five percent lower risk of dying early. It may seem like a minor difference, but when it comes to human life, even the smallest details matter.