6 supplements and nutrients that you should use

When talking about supplements one should remember about one very important fact – it is a substance that is supposed to supplement / complement and not completely replace. Everyone knows how important it is to use supplements when the body is pushed through the practice of various types of physical exertion. In the case of increased physical effort they will be a very good supplement to the daily demand for given substances. Below are 6 supplements and nutrients that you should use.


  1. Whey protein concentrate (WPC)

The whey protein concentrate is the most well-known and the most commonly used supplement. Whey is a by-product produced during the production of cheese. Initially it contains a lot of lactose and fat. Only after micro and ultrafiltration and pulverization, whey protein ready for consumption in the form of a supplement is isolated. This protein contains a lot of amino acids and nutrients. Thanks to this, it accelerates the regeneration of muscle tissue. This is not the only advantage of this conditioner. Through the amino acids contained in it, accelerates the burning of body fat. On the other hand, the more muscle tissue (made of protein), the faster the fat burning.

The protein content ranges from 70 to 80% pure protein in the product and has small additives of fats and carbohydrates (several percent about 2-3.5% fat, about 3-4 g carbohydrates).

It’s best to eat it right after training to help the muscles recover. It will perform anti-catabolic function. We can also add it to sheiks or omelette, which will complement the content of protein in the meal.

  1. Casein protein

Casein protein is also a protein of animal origin – it comes from cow’s milk. So what is different from whey protein? Above all, the size of molecules that leave the stomach feel full longer. Slowing down the digestion helps in the constant supply of amino acids needed for the muscles to grow. Its absorption time is about 6-7 hours. The free-acting protein, casein, is good for anyone wanting to increase the daily intake of this macronutrient. Due to its properties, casein protein is recommended to be consumed when we know that for a long period of time we will not be able to eat anything. The best time to receive it will be the period before going to sleep.


  1. Creatine

Creatine is probably the best known supplement right after the protein. It is recommended for people who want to increase their musculature, increase strength and perform longer, harder workouts. Creatine is a compound made up of 3 amino acids – arginine, glycine and methionine, which is released very quickly during intensive training. This supplement creates ATP, or energy, which is constantly produced in the human body. Our body can produce creatine itself, and its natural sources are beef, pork and fish. However, these are small amounts, which is why intensive training should reach for this supplement. There are many myths around creatine, which fortunately are untrue. It is even said that creatine may cause diseases of internal organs, e.g. kidneys. Recent research has shownthat creatine can be taken throughout the year without causing harmful effects. Its amount taken in the form of a supplement can be calculated in the following way for every 10kg of body weight is 1g of creatine. This is the calculation of one portion. It should be adopted as follows

– on training days – (before and after training after one serving)

– on days without training – in the morning or during the day taking one serving.


  1. Fish oil (omega 3)

Omega 3 are essential unsaturated fatty acids, which our body is not able to produce alone. They favorably affect the circulatory system, brain and heart function, and what is important, they promote fat loss in favor of building muscle mass. However, the action of the supplement which is omega 3 will be felt after systematic, longer use. It is important when choosing to pay attention to the proportions of EPA and DHA, which are the main ingredient of Omega 3. The more of these acids, the better the quality of the dietary supplement. Omega 3 can be combined and give a completely different action to thermogens, e.g. CLA. Also adding this supplement to creatine and leucine creates a good composition.


  1. BCAA

BCAA is a conditioner that contains the three most important branched chain amino acids – leucine, isoleucine and valine. As you know, amino acids are essential for protein synthesis and are responsible for the repair processes of micro-injuries that arise during various types of training. Accelerate in this way the regeneration of the body after physical exercise. BCAA will find its use oko³otreningowo – before, during and after training.

If it is a product that does not contain carbohydrate supplements (which will give flavor to the conditioner), one portion should be between 5 and 10g BCAA.


  1. Vitamins and minerals

Well-known sets of vitamins should always be in the first place if it comes to any purchases of supplements. Vitamins and minerals are needed for the proper course of literally all life processes.

On the market, the choice of this type of supplements is really big. There are all-day formulas, day and night.