5 burners that help build muscle mass

In the whole group of various food products there are substances and compounds that help us build muscle mass in a completely natural way. Often we reach for chemical means, nutrients and tablets supporting the construction of a muscular image. This is not always necessary because similar effects can be achieved in the most natural and, most of all, easily accessible way. Remember that the process of building muscle mass is very complicated and not every supplement available in a chemical form will be able to replace the natural one. Meet 5 burners that help build muscle mass.


  1. Caffeine

Many studies prove that caffeine can significantly increase muscle mass if taken shortly before training. This concept was confirmed by the University of Lincoln in Nebraska, when it turned out that one of the subjects after ingesting about 200 mg of caffeine present in the supplement, increased the strength of his muscles so much that he could lift more weight while bench press. A similar observation was made on a cyclist who himself felt less fatigue and muscle pain after he consumed caffeine an hour before training. So if you will be supplementing with a dose of approx. 200 mg of caffeine, eg Caffeine Capsules, 30-60 minutes before the workout, you can count on a greater strength of your muscles, but also a rapid increase in their volume.


  1. Carnitine

For many years, carnitine has been considered an excellent fuel for increasing energy during training, but also for burning fats in a shorter time. It turned out, however, that this is not the only advantage. Today, it is considered an excellent anabolic supplement guaranteeing excellent durability. According to a University of Connecticut publication, by taking carnitine you will increase your muscle mass faster and more effectively. According to the study, the users of carnitine not only regenerated better after strength training, but also had a higher level of androgen receptors in muscle cells. These testosterone binds to these receptors, so the more cells in the cells, the greater the potential for muscle growth. It was also found that carnitine increases the activity of IGF-1 growth factor. Carnitine should be taken at a dose of 1.5-3 grams for breakfast, for a moment before and after exercise, and before going to sleep in the form of a snack. An excellent source of carnitine in the form of a supplement is, for example, L-Catnitine and L-Carnitine 1500.


  1. CLA

The CLA agent is known primarily for its slimming properties. Through its action, fat is effectively converted into energy. It turned out, however, that CLA can actually build muscles without building material from them, as is often the case in the slimming process. The body constantly uses muscle proteins as fuel for them, and then rebuilds them after eating a meal. So the smaller the breakdown of muscle proteins, the greater the muscle growth. CLA has two functions, first of all it helps to catch fat and turn it into energy, and additionally it extends muscle tissue. It is recommended to take 2 grams of CLA, e.g. CLA Softgel, and eat it with meals during the day.


  1. Forskolin

Forskolin is another measure supporting slimming. A supplement containing Indian nettle is known, which has good slimming effects. In the first place, it accelerates the production of the AC enzyme (adenylate cyclase), which triggers a number of processes that release fat burning and transfer them to the muscles, where it is transformed into energy. Due to protein synthesis, forskolin also works to increase muscle mass. The University of Kansas publishes research on people who took forskolin and lost more body fat in 12 weeks and had higher testosterone levels than people on a placebo. It is recommended to take 20-50 mg forskolin 2-3 times a day. Products that have forskolin in their composition include Lipo Killer, Stimulating Formula, Thermo Speed ??Hardcore.


  1. Green tea

Green tea enjoys a range of health properties. It is very effective in the process of weight loss, but also necessary for people who use the gym every day because it affects faster recovery and reduce fatigue, and above all contributes to the prevention of sourdough. If the muscles are not tired, they have a chance to grow faster. Green tea also contributes to the reduction of catabolic hormone – cortisol. Because cortisol “competes” with testosterone, lowering the former may increase the level of the other. Green tea extract is also perfect for strengthening the immunity of our body, and this is important during hard training sessions. It is recommended to drink 500 mg of green tea extract 3 times daily before meals. Green tea can be found, among others in Lipo Killer, Wianabol, Thermo Fat Burner and L-Carnitine + Green Tea supplements.