5 supplements with scientifically proven effects

The fact that the dietary supplement is not a drug is known today. However, there are compounds on the market whose activity is so strong that it has therapeutic support for our body. These supplements can therefore be used to temporarily “cure” disease symptoms and help fight against the effects of injury, abnormalities of our body or disease. These supplements can be the first line of defense when our body fails and needs external support. Below you will find eight disease symptoms, as well as eight substances that help our body significantly in the fight against infections, injuries and disease states. It is worth checking them before we reach for medication.

Joint pain and curcumin

Quite often, when we feel the pain, we reach for painkillers, which are designed to reduce ailments, which makes us feel healthy. However, nothing is more wrong, and the tablet itself often gives only the effect of not feeling the problem that still exists. The compound that perfectly supports our joints even in a painful situation is curcumin. In addition to the painkiller itself, curcumin also has anti-inflammatory as well as arthritic relief. As mentioned earlier, the mechanism of curcumin is slightly different than classical painkillers and it does not consist in blocking the feeling and treating the cause of its formation. What’s more, curcumin, unlike NSAIDs, does not burden the digestive system as well as the cardiovascular system.

Stress and ashwagandha
Currently, the use of ashwagandha has become quite common. Extracts from this plant accompany not only athletes, but are also eagerly bought by people whose daily lifestyle provides many emotions not necessarily in a positive sense. It belongs to the group of adaptogens that have documented effects on the human body, confirming its effect on suppressing anxiety, counteracting stress, as well as its consequential effects. When you feel that you are often afraid, stressed by the smallest trifles, you may need some support in the form of a plant extract, which will bring relief in this type of ailments. Perhaps an appropriate timing to include supplementation of this type will protect you against more serious consequences, such as depressive illness.


Nausea and ginger

When we feel discomfort from the digestive system, which makes us feel bad when traveling by car, boat or plane, we should reach for ginger. The use of ginger can help fight motion sickness, which is justified by scientific research. Support of this type also helps pregnant women to fight morning sickness. It is best to use tea infusions based on a powdered root or dietary supplement, which in the capsule will provide us with this type of substance.

Brain fog and B12

The concept of brain fog refers to a phenomenon in which we try to recall some idea of ​​an event in life, without remembering exactly what it was or what relationship it had with the current situation. Vitamin B12 deficiencies give this type of effect, which can be counteracted by including vitamin B12 into the diet or orienting the diet so that it contains animal products such as meat, fish, eggs, offal. Based on a smaller addition of meats in the men’s diet causes that their nervous system becomes inefficient and begins to catch some downtime in communication connections. What’s more, deficiencies of vitamin B12 will cause fatigue, weakness of reactions, dizziness and even delusion.


Insomnia and magnesium

Quite often problems with falling asleep concern poor sleep hygiene, which should be taken care of, if we want to sleep well and feel rested. However, few people do anything to improve the function of falling asleep and sleep. It turns out that significant deficiencies of magnesium in the diet, which occur quite commonly, do not make it easier to fight the problem of insomnia. Magnesium has natural relaxation properties that support the toning effect as well as the calming of the body. It causes that its proper supply as well as application in the vicinity of sleep will allow us to quickly introduce the organism into a deep sleep phase, which will contribute to the improvement of well-being and regeneration.