28 ways to burn 100 kcal. Check them out!

Burning calories accompanies everyday activity. We do it, laughing, switching TV channels, dancing, climbing stairs, caring for a child, cooking or cleaning. Unfortunately, fighting fat is more resistant than its delivery. The average daily calorie requirement is 1800-2000 kcal. A moment of weakness for the love of sweet cream can cost us an hour of exercise and a lot of effort. However, we do not have to go to the gym, it is enough to perform daily activities for a long time. Here are several ways to burn 100 kcal.

Burning calories by physical activity

1. Practice yoga for 20 minutes, simple asanas exercises are sufficient to burn those calories

2. Sign up for online Zumba classes, get carried away by music and dance for 11 minutes

3. Walk 20 minutes at a fairly fast pace – about 5 km per hour

4. Get up in the morning and run for about 10 minutes

5. Remind yourself about your childhood and jump rope for 9 minutes – lots of fun and burning calories in one

6. Dance with your favourite dancing games for 30 minutes

7. In winter, remember what it’s like to skate. Make art figures for 15 minutes

8. Volleyball on the pitch or on the beach – 25 minutes of play is enough

9. Play football and get carried away by the spirit of competition for 13 minutes

10. A substitute for mountaineering passion. Climb the climbing wall for 10 minutes

100 kcal burned during household chores

11. The driveway is completely covered with leaves? Shovel it for 15 minutes

12. Spring changes – paint the house or walls in the room. 18 minutes will burn 100 kcal

13. 20 minutes of car washing is a great everyday exercise

14. Imagine that the rake is a dance floor, spin with them, raking leaves for 23 minutes

15. Weeds are the curse of every gardener. Weeding them for 18 minutes will replace the exercises

16. Do you love cooking? It’s also a way to burn calories – prepare your favourite food for 34 minutes

17. Up and down! An 11-minute walk down the stairs is a quick way to remove excess fat

18. Dirty floors require work and care, washing them with a mop is also slimming

19. If guests have left a pile of dirty plates, wash them for 40 minutes

20. You get to work in front of a computer, but is something always distracting you? Procrastination can also contribute to burning calories. 40 minutes of cleaning the desk is 100 kcal less

21. Sometimes it’s time for a change. Rearrange the room, rearrange the furniture – do it for 14 minutes,

22. Sweep the floors for 23 minutes

It's worth monitoring how much calories you are burning throughout the day
It’s worth monitoring how much calories you are burning throughout the day

Shopping madness in the name of slimming

Going around your favourite stores, trying on clothes or shopping on the stairs – these are just a few ways to burn 100 kcal

23. Fight the escalator, climb four sets of stairs in your workplace!

24. When choosing a wedding dress, check as many models as possible, trying on 13-15 clothes will also help you lose weight,

25. Cancel the elevator and shop on the 2nd floor

26. Put on hunting pins for promotions, they will help you burn calories faster,

27. Do a review of the wardrobe – maybe you need something new? By the way, put clothes on for 30 minutes

28. Go to the mall for shopping, visit all the alleys by pushing the cart for 40 minutes