1000 kcal diet – an effective way to lose weight?

The key to a proper weight loss diet is to pay special attention to the calorie content of food. However, it is not about eating two or three meals that together will provide the required calorie portion. Such a menu will only make things worse. Meals should be five at intervals of no more than 3 hours. The caloric value of breakfast is 250 kcal, second breakfast 100 kcal, lunch 350, afternoon tea – 100, and dinner 200.

1000 kcal diet – what to eat?

What you need to remember when creating a daily menu is that meals should be varied. They should consist of lean meat, fruits, vegetables, fish, and groats. At the same time, the diet is supposed to teach healthy habits, i.e. frying should be replaced by baking, and salt intake should be limited. However, the diet alone is not enough. Without regular exercise, it will not bring any effect.

The diet can be followed for no longer than 4 weeks and to avoid the yo-yo effect it is recommended to gradually increase the calories of subsequent meals so that they do not exceed 1500 kcal.

People who decide to follow this type of diet should limit fatty meat, cold cuts, cheese, and sweet drinks. Alcohol is also prohibited, even in small amounts.

1000 kcal diet – is it safe?

The 1000 kcal diet owes its popularity to the speed with which it works. Unfortunately, sometimes for the same reason, people using it very quickly return to their previous weight. Maintaining the right calories and increasing them gradually usually ends up with a return to pre-diet habits. Few people realize that the diet is usually the beginning of the road to normal weight because the trick is not to lose weight but to maintain the desired weight.

Following a diet of 1000 kcal, a day for too long can lead to deficiencies of certain nutrients or vitamins. Why does this happen? After some time when the body feels deficiencies, it stops burning fat tissue. Having learned that it does not receive an adequate dose of food, it slows down the metabolism to conserve as much energy as possible.