Protein supplements – which protein to choose?

Supplementation of people actively practicing strength sports can be very extensive.Trainers use creatine, beta-alanine, l-carnitine, caffeine, arginine and protein-like nutrients, BCAAs or amino acids. However, if we ask some of them without what product they can not imagine, they reply that it is a protein.Protein is an element of the diet, which not only allows Read more about Protein supplements – which protein to choose?[…]

Whey protein isolate – dosage, action

In order for the training person’s diet to be properly constructed, it must contain adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats.This means that the food products used should contain wholesome sources of the mentioned macronutrients, mainly proteins.When it comes to the importance of a macronutrient, the protein is the main element of interest for trainers.All Read more about Whey protein isolate – dosage, action[…]

Protein after training

The use of protein in the diet of the trainer is of great importance in the context of building a sports form.Therefore, the use of food products that will build the base of our diet should be well thought out.Protein sources in the diet should be full-value sources that will contain significant amounts of essential Read more about Protein after training[…]

Pure Whey Isolate 95 – high quality protein nutrient

In the diet of the trainer it will be very important to provide the right amount of protein, which should not cause any surprise, especially among people who lead a healthy lifestyle and care about proper eating habits. It should be remembered that if we train forcefully, ensuring adequate protein supply during the day will Read more about Pure Whey Isolate 95 – high quality protein nutrient[…]

Whey protein and micellar casein – differences and use

Protein is the basic macromechanical component of the human body consisting of amino acids. At a very high demand, we often choose to take supplements that complement its deficiencies. Then, athletes, or physically active people, opt for easily and widely available protein supplements. The most popular ones are those based on whey protein and casein. Read more about Whey protein and micellar casein – differences and use[…]

Duel! Isolate vs protein concentrate

Whey is a by-product of the cheese making process. Whey protein is one of the complete proteins containing all essential exogenous amino acids. Our article aims to present two of the most popular forms of this supplement – concentrate and isolate. If you want to find out which protein is more beneficial for you, then Read more about Duel! Isolate vs protein concentrate[…]

The whole truth about soy protein

Soy is an increasingly frequent guest on our tables. It also becomes a regular component of the diet of many people. Browsing the offers of numerous companies with dietary supplements and nutrients, you can often find products called soy protein. Are plant proteins as beneficial as those we provide ourselves with meat foods? I invite Read more about The whole truth about soy protein[…]

Hydrolyzate vs protein isolate – which better?

Protein supplements are the foundation of sports supplementation. There are many different products on the market that are advertised with various names and definitions. Very often it leads to the problematic situation which nutrient should be chosen so that its operation is fully adapted to the planned needs. Our article will try to dispel some Read more about Hydrolyzate vs protein isolate – which better?[…]

Review of protein supplements

The diet supplements market offers us a huge number of types of supplements. The case is no different in the case of protein. Which type to choose? The most common types of proteins are listed below. Whey protein hydrolyzate Whey protein isolate Protein concentrate Casein protein Soy protein Egg protein MIX of proteins   Whey Read more about Review of protein supplements[…]