Vitamins and minerals for women

Vitamins for women are extremely important not only because of the appearance of the skin, hair and nails.Their biological cycle makes the slightly different ingredients will be important in the diet of women training.Check which vitamins are the best vitamins and minerals for women.   Vitamins and minerals for women Vitamins for women are particularly Read more about Vitamins and minerals for women[…]

How much protein should women consume?

How much protein should women consume – introduction Each cell of the body contains a protein. From hormones, immune cells, enzymes, to tissues, including skeletal muscles over which we work in the gym. That’s why high protein intake is crucial. It is determined that the daily intake should be 0.8 g for every kilogram of Read more about How much protein should women consume?[…]

Supplements during pregnancy – what to take and what to avoid

The period of pregnancy and breastfeeding is very demanding for the female body. This is the time when every expectant mother should pay special attention to her health. We’re often asked about recommended supplements that will support your child’s development at every stage of pregnancy and properly protect the condition of the future mother. The Read more about Supplements during pregnancy – what to take and what to avoid[…]

Supplements for menopause

Menopause, otherwise known as climacteric or the change of life, is a stage in a woman’s life that follows the so-called procreation period. This usually takes place between 45 and 55 years of age and usually lasts up to two years. Then the menstrual cycle is stopped, which is caused by the change in the Read more about Supplements for menopause[…]

Men get dehydrated faster than women

During long-distance training, men get dehydrated faster than women, proved Dutch physiologists. In Radbud University in Nijmegen, they carried out an experiment which noted that men consume less water than women, but sweat it out four times faster, which puts them in much higher danger of dehydration. Research The research included 99 men between the Read more about Men get dehydrated faster than women[…]

Supplements for women

Many dietary supplements are created for both women and men, but there are preparations that are specifically designed for women. Among them are mainly complexes of vitamins and minerals. These are products containing all the micro and macro elements needed by humans, however, most of the composition are those vitamins and minerals that women in Read more about Supplements for women[…]

Supplements for breastfeeding mothers

Pregnancy and childbirth considerably weaken the organism of women, which may result in deficiencies. Moreover, mother’s milk is poor in nutrients, if there are few of them in the woman’s organism. It should not be ignored, as the composition of milk considerably influences the growth and development of a child, which for every mother is Read more about Supplements for breastfeeding mothers[…]

Supplements for women

Many supplements are being created both with women and men in mind, however, there are certain preparations, which are addressed only to women. Among them, there are vitamin-mineral complexes. These are the products which contain all the necessary micro and macroelements, however, the majority is constituted by the vitamins and minerals, which women need most. Read more about Supplements for women[…]