Egg protein and whey protein, which better?

Choosing the perfect protein conditioner you need to take into account many factors. Most likely, we will spend some time experimenting with different types of nutrients and various brands of supplements before we find one that suits us best. In today’s article, we compare the benefits of using egg white based nutrients and the most Read more about Egg protein and whey protein, which better?[…]

Protein supplements – which protein to choose?

Supplementation of people actively practicing strength sports can be very extensive.Trainers use creatine, beta-alanine, l-carnitine, caffeine, arginine and protein-like nutrients, BCAAs or amino acids. However, if we ask some of them without what product they can not imagine, they reply that it is a protein.Protein is an element of the diet, which not only allows Read more about Protein supplements – which protein to choose?[…]

WPC – everything about whey protein concentrate

Sports supplementation is an element of the diet, which is now quite extensive.Athletes use all forms of diet support, which will translate into its effectiveness.An appropriately balanced diet, which is additionally supplemented with carefully selected supplementation, allows you to gain a significant advantage, compared to people who do not have a diet. One of the Read more about WPC – everything about whey protein concentrate[…]

Whey protein isolate – dosage, action

In order for the training person’s diet to be properly constructed, it must contain adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrates and fats.This means that the food products used should contain wholesome sources of the mentioned macronutrients, mainly proteins.When it comes to the importance of a macronutrient, the protein is the main element of interest for trainers.All Read more about Whey protein isolate – dosage, action[…]

Whey protein – what it is, harmfulness

There are two products with a similar name.One is a desirable part of the bodybuilder diet, and the other is just the opposite.Until today, people on the Internet do not distinguish protein whey from whey protein and buy the first one.Whey protein is quite expensive, but very valuable for an athlete.Its price results from a Read more about Whey protein – what it is, harmfulness[…]

Protein after training

The use of protein in the diet of the trainer is of great importance in the context of building a sports form.Therefore, the use of food products that will build the base of our diet should be well thought out.Protein sources in the diet should be full-value sources that will contain significant amounts of essential Read more about Protein after training[…]

WPC 80 – benefits, dosage and application

The use of proteins in the diet of active people is experiencing its renaissance.Apart from typical sports issues, proteins are added to yoghurts, milk and chocolate bars.We will even meet high-protein bread.People’s awareness increases as to the share of proteins in the diet and their values, so the demand for raw material of this type Read more about WPC 80 – benefits, dosage and application[…]

Protein without secrets

How much protein can the body store? How much does it need to be eaten by someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle and how much is an active person? Are vegetarians exposed to protein deficiency in the diet? Here you will find answers to these and other questions about protein.   Why do we need Read more about Protein without secrets[…]

Casein – where it occurs, action, conditioner

What is casein protein? When is the best to eat? What are the types of casein proteins? If you’ve ever had a choice of casein or whey – read this article!   What is casein? Casein is the most important protein found in milk – it constitutes about 80% of milk protein content. Casein protein Read more about Casein – where it occurs, action, conditioner[…]

Protein supplement before training – to take or not to take?

Protein supplement is a basic dietary supplement used after training. And what about the protein before training? Does protein supplement before training make sense? Which proteins should be chosen and how many minutes exactly before exercise should they be consumed? Find out if it makes sense to take a protein supplement before training.   What Read more about Protein supplement before training – to take or not to take?[…]