Protein without secrets

How much protein can the body store? How much does it need to be eaten by someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle and how much is an active person? Are vegetarians exposed to protein deficiency in the diet? Here you will find answers to these and other questions about protein.   Why do we need Read more about Protein without secrets[…]

Casein – where it occurs, action, conditioner

What is casein protein? When is the best to eat? What are the types of casein proteins? If you’ve ever had a choice of casein or whey – read this article!   What is casein? Casein is the most important protein found in milk – it constitutes about 80% of milk protein content. Casein protein Read more about Casein – where it occurs, action, conditioner[…]

Protein supplement before training – to take or not to take?

Protein supplement is a basic dietary supplement used after training. And what about the protein before training? Does protein supplement before training make sense? Which proteins should be chosen and how many minutes exactly before exercise should they be consumed? Find out if it makes sense to take a protein supplement before training.   What Read more about Protein supplement before training – to take or not to take?[…]

Duel! Isolate vs protein concentrate

Whey is a by-product of the cheese making process. Whey protein is one of the complete proteins containing all essential exogenous amino acids. Our article aims to present two of the most popular forms of this supplement – concentrate and isolate. If you want to find out which protein is more beneficial for you, then Read more about Duel! Isolate vs protein concentrate[…]

Protein before training or after it? Check!

Many people may have a problem with determining when it is better to deliver protein to your body – before or after training? Which protein nutrients to choose – is whey protein the best choice? This article should resolve any doubts. With his help, you’ll get your own opinion and choose the best products. Before Read more about Protein before training or after it? Check![…]

The best protein for you!

To determine if you need protein supplementation and what protein will be best for you – we need to analyze several factors. An in-depth verification of your nutritional plan will help you determine exactly what you need and what works best for you. Tell me what you eat and I will tell you who you Read more about The best protein for you![…]

How often should you take protein?

If one was interested in philosophy, the above question is a perfect basis for creating countless scientific opinions. Unfortunately, this question does not have a straight answer. Numbers of experiments conclude with opposing results, and a lot is dependent on weight, age, the endocrine system, body mass without fat, and the fact whether the protein Read more about How often should you take protein?[…]

Supplements for steroids

Anabolic steroids are used by many athletes because they help in building muscle mass and lead to increased strength and endurance. When deciding on taking steroids, it is worth paying attention to dietary supplements that can help them work. When taking steroids, protein and carbohydrate nutrients play a very important role. It is possible to Read more about Supplements for steroids[…]