Supplements for muscle mass (part 2/2)

Here you can read PART 1/2 How much should you take carbohydrate-protein type gainer? Not completely.Let’s assume that in the nutrition plan you already have brown rice, classic white rice, potatoes, whole-wheat noodles, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, porridge, fruit.We calculated the needs and for a model player they amount to> 450 g carbohydrates a day.100 g Read more about Supplements for muscle mass (part 2/2)[…]

Supplements for muscle mass (part 1/2)

Muscle mass can be built under conditions of caloric surplus.This means that the best training and supplements can be wasted due to insufficient energy supply.Therefore, reaching for nutrients without converting the whole diet in the long-term, does not bring the expected results. Why? You will provide far too much, for example, carbohydrates and fats, and Read more about Supplements for muscle mass (part 1/2)[…]

Creatine – dosage, use, opinions

Creatine is one of the most commonly used nutrients in the world. Its application is found in many sports disciplines, eg running, cycling, or strength and body sports. The main task of creatine is to store energy in muscles. In addition, its action positively affects the development of muscle tissue and strength. What does creatine Read more about Creatine – dosage, use, opinions[…]