Carbohydrates when to use for performance increases?

It is assumed that carbohydrates do not bring large profits in the first hour of endurance training, probably because the glycogen resources are not significantly impoverished then.In turn, there are reports on the benefits of carbohydrates even during less than one hour of strength training. In general, systematic reviews of scientific studies indicate that carbohydrates Read more about Carbohydrates when to use for performance increases?[…]

Top 3 pre-training – ranking of the best pre-workouts

Pre-workout supplements are the group of supplements most frequently chosen by Poles, including preparations based on caffeine, beta-alanine, which aim to provide energy, increase muscle strength and improve muscle blood flow. Due to the wide range of available products, the question arises which ones are the most effective?   Pre-workout nutrients – introduction The group Read more about Top 3 pre-training – ranking of the best pre-workouts[…]

Supplements for fighters

The use of proper supplementation during MMA training is quite a challenge. It;s a completely different character of exercise than the one usually used by gym goers, and the fighter must be provided with adequate regeneration conditions, and supplements should show some functionality in their operation. We have prepared for you a list of 8 Read more about Supplements for fighters[…]

Protein before training or after it? Check!

Many people may have a problem with determining when it is better to deliver protein to your body – before or after training? Which protein nutrients to choose – is whey protein the best choice? This article should resolve any doubts. With his help, you’ll get your own opinion and choose the best products. Before Read more about Protein before training or after it? Check![…]

Punching bag – the basics (sample HIIT training)

1. Punching bag – the basics 2. What gives you boxing training? 3. Sample HIIT training 1. Punching bag – the basics A punching bag is a great complement to your own gym. With his help, you can strengthen the power of the blow, master the basic techniques of melee combat using blows with hands Read more about Punching bag – the basics (sample HIIT training)[…]

Supplements for footballers

Who of us did not wonder where some people have enough energy to be able to withstand very intense workouts? Diet and systematic training alone do not guarantee success, sometimes you have to help yourself.   In the vast majority of cases, this is due to pre-workout boosters. Their main task is to increase muscle Read more about Supplements for footballers[…]

Supplements for motivation

Going through strictly to our goal, it’s easy to forget why are we even doing it. Too much fat, too little musces, or very low endurance (such low, that you cannot freerly go on even to the second floor) There are number of motivational movies. Well, you can feel better if you hear “You can Read more about Supplements for motivation[…]

Supplements for endomorphs

Endomorphic body type is characterized by easy fat storage and frequent gain of adipose tissue instead of muscle tissue… It is not a dream for anybody, therefore when you are an endomorph, you need to exclude some products from your diet.   Gainers based on carbohydrateswith high glycemic index is not the best way to Read more about Supplements for endomorphs[…]