Supplements for muscle mass (part 1/2)

Muscle mass can be built under conditions of caloric surplus.This means that the best training and supplements can be wasted due to insufficient energy supply.Therefore, reaching for nutrients without converting the whole diet in the long-term, does not bring the expected results. Why? You will provide far too much, for example, carbohydrates and fats, and Read more about Supplements for muscle mass (part 1/2)[…]

Megabol – a company with great potential

There are more and more people training in the gym and many people are more and more serious about training, he points out that good diet and commitment to training bring results that allow you to count on the expansion of muscle mass. Therefore, it should not come as a surprise that nutrients that are Read more about Megabol – a company with great potential[…]

Swanson – a collection of information about the company and products offered by it

Swanson is one of the largest supplementation companies around the world. Its main assumption is the highest quality of offered products at the lowest possible price.Manufacturers ensure that the best interests of customers are in the first place.The company has been operating on the market for almost 50 years, and its founder is Leland Swanson, Read more about Swanson – a collection of information about the company and products offered by it[…]

6 supplements and nutrients that you should use

When talking about supplements one should remember about one very important fact – it is a substance that is supposed to supplement / complement and not completely replace. Everyone knows how important it is to use supplements when the body is pushed through the practice of various types of physical exertion. In the case of Read more about 6 supplements and nutrients that you should use[…]

Beta-alanine – action, dosage, opinions

Beta-Alanine has recently become a very popular supplement. The mass of benefits and simplicity, or the speed of its work indicates that it is currently one of the most popular forms of sports support. Beta-Alaniny is used by bodybuilders and recreational trainers at the gym. It is also successfully used by athletes of any other Read more about Beta-alanine – action, dosage, opinions[…]

The best supplements to support post-workout regeneration

Post-workout regeneration is one of the basic aspects when looking at building muscle mass. To explain why it is so important to remember that muscles do not grow during training, but during the period when the body is in a state of rest (regeneration). So how can you accelerate the start of “muscle repair” after Read more about The best supplements to support post-workout regeneration[…]

What should you know when taking vitamins?

Even with a properly balanced diet, you may not get enough of some vitamins, but before you reach for vitamin supplements to fill up their deficiencies, see what, when and how to take them to really work.   1. Not on an empty stomach Before you swallow any vitamin, eat something. Putting vitamins in the Read more about What should you know when taking vitamins?[…]

L-carnitine – energy from fat!

Drinking only water will not replace all the nutrients that you lose during intense exercise. We will introduce you to the world of supplements – necessary for your training to be effective, and regeneration after it was even faster. You ask a lot of questions about the supplements of their role in the daily diet Read more about L-carnitine – energy from fat![…]

Creatine for reduction – effects, dosage, how to take?

Is it worth reaching for creatine while on reduction? While the use of protein nutrients. BCAA, whether fat burners seem obvious, then creatine raises some ambiguities. Which forms will be suitable for people who make sculpture? It is certainly worth looking at the benefits of creatine on reduction.   What does creatine give you? This Read more about Creatine for reduction – effects, dosage, how to take?[…]

What are gainers? Who should use them?

What are gainer carbohydrate-protein nutrients? Who is it recommended to use? Is it necessary to eat carbohydrate-protein shakes to build muscle mass?   What are gainers? Gainer is a carbohydrate-protein conditioner in powder form. The composition of the standard gainer is mostly carbohydrates, constituting about 70% of the content and protein – about 15%. Carbohydrate-protein Read more about What are gainers? Who should use them?[…]