6 supplements and nutrients that you should use

When talking about supplements one should remember about one very important fact – it is a substance that is supposed to supplement / complement and not completely replace. Everyone knows how important it is to use supplements when the body is pushed through the practice of various types of physical exertion. In the case of Read more about 6 supplements and nutrients that you should use[…]

Creatine supplementation and alcohol consumption

Almost every gym lover used supplementation with creatine. Most of these people like to eat alcohol from time to time. However, is the combination of creatine and alcohol appropriate? Are there any negative effects of using these two substances at the same time? This article presents the effect of alcohol during creatine supplementation. At the Read more about Creatine supplementation and alcohol consumption[…]

Beta-alanine – action, dosage, opinions

Beta-Alanine has recently become a very popular supplement. The mass of benefits and simplicity, or the speed of its work indicates that it is currently one of the most popular forms of sports support. Beta-Alaniny is used by bodybuilders and recreational trainers at the gym. It is also successfully used by athletes of any other Read more about Beta-alanine – action, dosage, opinions[…]

Beta-alanine – 4 ways to slow muscle fatigue

Beta-alanine, i.e. 3-aminopropionic acid, is an organic chemical compound, an enzyme responsible for the synthesis of carnosine. It is formed in the liver as a result of the breakdown of uracil. Her high position on the list of popular supplements among people training in the gym gained due to the fact that without it, it Read more about Beta-alanine – 4 ways to slow muscle fatigue[…]

Gainer – 6 reasons to use it

Gainers are nutrients, which consist of carbohydrates and proteins, most often in a ratio of 41. Depending on the manufacturer and the formula they use in their products, we can meet with supplements enriched with glutamine, BCAA amino acids, or creatine. They are directed to people who want to achieve a specific effect and meet Read more about Gainer – 6 reasons to use it[…]

Side effects of creatine use – we refute myths

The main task of creatine is to facilitate the regeneration of ATP, which by its decay provides the muscles with energy to work. It is thanks to her that we can exercise longer, with the same intensity, without experiencing severe fatigue. Creatine also affects the accumulation of water in cells. On the other hand, the Read more about Side effects of creatine use – we refute myths[…]

BCAA branched amino acids – how they support building muscle mass

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) is a group of three amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine), which constitute in the human body more than 30% of muscle protein. They belong to the group of exogenous amino acids, which means that they need to be supplied from the outside. Their metabolism does not occur in the Read more about BCAA branched amino acids – how they support building muscle mass[…]

What should you know when taking vitamins?

Even with a properly balanced diet, you may not get enough of some vitamins, but before you reach for vitamin supplements to fill up their deficiencies, see what, when and how to take them to really work.   1. Not on an empty stomach Before you swallow any vitamin, eat something. Putting vitamins in the Read more about What should you know when taking vitamins?[…]

A few words about glycine

Glycine – a compound that will provide you with maximum efficiency during the day and dream regeneration at night.” Very popular, though still underestimated. “What really is with glycine? Supplement or not to supplement? Learn by reading this article.   A few words about glycine Glycine is the simplest protein amino acid, belongs to the Read more about A few words about glycine[…]

How to dose creatine?

There are many schools of creatine dosage. Which one is the best? In principle, such a comparison is pointless, because the dosage of creatine can be chosen as desired. It all depends on which of them, in our opinion, will be the most advantageous for us, taking into account the current figure, the internship at Read more about How to dose creatine?[…]