Control your cortisol!

Cortisol is a natural steroid hormone produced by the body in the adrenal glands. It is commonly called a “stress hormone” and its secretion affects the whole body. It changes its metabolism so as to best prepare it for a crisis situation. At the same time, it inhibits systems that it does not need for Read more about Control your cortisol![…]

Sadness and frustration halt the training progress

It is a known fact that bodybuilding should be done in the best environment possible for every person, and his mental health is as important to the process as his physical health. Without appropriately calm mind, not bothered by feelings of sadness or frustration, a person’s results may be unforeseeable. Research Texan researchers decided to Read more about Sadness and frustration halt the training progress[…]

Supplements for adrenal regeneration

The adrenal glands are secretory glands located in the upper part of the kidneys. They consist of a cortical and spinal part. The bark is 80-90% superior to the adrenal gland. The bark produces three types of steroids: 1.) Glucocorticoids – Cortisol. 2.) Mineralocorticoids – Aldosterone. 3.) Small amounts of sex hormones. Excessive stress, poor Read more about Supplements for adrenal regeneration[…]

Supplements for stress

Stress has negative influence on the human’s health and it inhibits everyday functioning. For this reason, people who are especially prone to stress should use proper dietary supplements.   At the beginning, you should take care of a proper dose of magnesium. Magnesium is an element, which is especially important for the nervous system of Read more about Supplements for stress[…]