Discover the best supplement in the world!

Many people supplement creatine. An even bigger group is going to introduce it to constant supplementation – but not everyone knows how to dose it effectively. There are many myths about the dosage dating back to the 1970s in the society of trainers. What is creatine and how does it work? How creatine used to Read more about Discover the best supplement in the world![…]

L-tyrosine – strength and endurance

L-tyrosine is an endogenous amino acid, produced naturally by our body. In some situations the amount produced may be insufficient and additional supplementation in the diet or dietary supplements is required. L-tyrosine has a positive effect on the body, as I write below. What is tyrosine? Who should use? Tyrosine – action How do I Read more about L-tyrosine – strength and endurance[…]

Short breaks between sets = more muscle and strength?

In a piece of research carried out by Villanuev MG, et. al., a comparison in strength training was made between 60-second and 4-minute breaks between sets. The group of men who took 60-second breaks between sets were of an average age of 65.6 years, ± 3.4 years. The group of men who took 4-minute breaks Read more about Short breaks between sets = more muscle and strength?[…]

Supplements used with creatine

  Creatine as a separate preparation is a great supplement, but in combination with other products, it may contribute to achieving better results. Certainly, we cannot forget about proper diet and individual training plan. During creatine supplementation one should remember about the increased intake of proteins as well as vitamins and minerals. If a daily Read more about Supplements used with creatine[…]