How to get rid of toxins and free radicals?

The form in which we are, both health and physical, is largely dependent on the state of our body. He in turn results from the way we feed, how we pay attention to physical activity __ Here you can find supplements with spirulina __ Everyone is well aware of the fact that nowadays, the food Read more about How to get rid of toxins and free radicals?[…]

BCAA – dosage, action

The use of supplementation to support the building of muscle mass is a fairly common strategy for trainers. It can not be concealed that heavy strength training, significant activity on a weekly scale, requires the use of products that will provide our muscles with what they need for growth. There is quite a large group Read more about BCAA – dosage, action[…]

Isotonic drink – do it yourself!

At the gym more and more people see people drinking isotonic drinks instead of water. In a sense, it has become a symbol of physical activity. Companies promote this type of drinks as necessary during any physical activity. Are they really irreplaceable? Or is it better to drink plain water?   Isotonic drink – what Read more about Isotonic drink – do it yourself![…]