Beautiful skin

Skin is one of the largest “organs” of man. Its surface in an adult person is on average from 1.5 to 2 m2. The skin has many important functions, and its appearance determines the attractiveness. The skin prevents infections with bacteria, fungi and viruses. Protects against mechanical, thermal, chemical and light radiation. It provides unchangeable Read more about Beautiful skin[…]

Supplements for strong nails

Nails are undoubtedly a very important sphere for every woman, because they build a sense of self-worth, self-confidence and attractiveness. They also remain a very important part of the body due to its structure – it is because they are most often paid attention, eg during a job interview or a date, and it is Read more about Supplements for strong nails[…]

Supplements on brittle nails

Undoubtedly, the external appearance remains a very important element of our everyday life, because it is he who is the main determinant of the level of attractiveness and self-confidence. It can even be said that what we look like very clearly shapes our personality, character and approach to many everyday matters. A special sphere of Read more about Supplements on brittle nails[…]

Supplements with biotin

Others names of biotin are: vitamin H, coenzyme R, vitamin B7. Biotin is contained in many multi-mineral and multi-vitamin formulations. Supplementing biotin is helpful if you want to avoid deficencies, and its consequences. Biotin is required for fatty acids and glucose metabolism, which is required for organism to gain energy. Its also important in amino-acids metabolism. Read more about Supplements with biotin[…]