6 things you should know about the protein

Proteins, or proteins, are absolutely the basic building blocks of the body. We find them at the cellular level, in membranes, where together with lipids they form a protein-lipid system. They are responsible for building tissue from the smallest particles to whole organs. However, proteins are not just muscles. It’s also hormones, enzymes and antibodies. Read more about 6 things you should know about the protein[…]

What does protein do for us?

What do we know about proteins? What do they serve, what they give us and why are they so important? Read and see if your diet is well balanced, especially if you train! A biologically valuable protein is an essential ingredient in building, maintaining and muscle strengthening and in all phases of intensive training. Proteins Read more about What does protein do for us?[…]

Protein without secrets

How much protein can the body store? How much does it need to be eaten by someone who leads a sedentary lifestyle and how much is an active person? Are vegetarians exposed to protein deficiency in the diet? Here you will find answers to these and other questions about protein.   Why do we need Read more about Protein without secrets[…]

What are gainers? Who should use them?

What are gainer carbohydrate-protein nutrients? Who is it recommended to use? Is it necessary to eat carbohydrate-protein shakes to build muscle mass?   What are gainers? Gainer is a carbohydrate-protein conditioner in powder form. The composition of the standard gainer is mostly carbohydrates, constituting about 70% of the content and protein – about 15%. Carbohydrate-protein Read more about What are gainers? Who should use them?[…]

Protein or Gainer – what’s better for mass?

What is whey protein and what is Gainer and what is the better choice when building muscle mass? Who is it recommended to use this type of nutrients and when should they be used? Below you will find answers to the basic questions related to supplementation with these supplements. The question of which conditioner will Read more about Protein or Gainer – what’s better for mass?[…]

How much protein should women consume?

How much protein should women consume – introduction Each cell of the body contains a protein. From hormones, immune cells, enzymes, to tissues, including skeletal muscles over which we work in the gym. That’s why high protein intake is crucial. It is determined that the daily intake should be 0.8 g for every kilogram of Read more about How much protein should women consume?[…]

Protein supplement before training – to take or not to take?

Protein supplement is a basic dietary supplement used after training. And what about the protein before training? Does protein supplement before training make sense? Which proteins should be chosen and how many minutes exactly before exercise should they be consumed? Find out if it makes sense to take a protein supplement before training.   What Read more about Protein supplement before training – to take or not to take?[…]

Casein – bedtime protein

Milk is one of the basic food items. It is very often recommended to children as a source of a large amount of calcium. In addition to this element and whey protein also has another valuable relationship. I’m talking about casein. In the following article I will try to introduce some of the topic of Read more about Casein – bedtime protein[…]

Hydrolyzate vs protein isolate – which better?

Protein supplements are the foundation of sports supplementation. There are many different products on the market that are advertised with various names and definitions. Very often it leads to the problematic situation which nutrient should be chosen so that its operation is fully adapted to the planned needs. Our article will try to dispel some Read more about Hydrolyzate vs protein isolate – which better?[…]

Everything about protein bars

What is the recipe for a great body? Above all, a balanced diet and regular physical exercise – in this case, strength training at the gym will be great. But what if you can not eat or forget to bring a container with a meal after training? Protein bar – what is it? Can not Read more about Everything about protein bars[…]