6 supplements and nutrients that you should use

When talking about supplements one should remember about one very important fact – it is a substance that is supposed to supplement / complement and not completely replace. Everyone knows how important it is to use supplements when the body is pushed through the practice of various types of physical exertion. In the case of Read more about 6 supplements and nutrients that you should use[…]

How fish oil affects the health of your joints?

It has been proven many times that omega 3 acids, included in in fish oil, they have a positive effect on our health. They lower blood triglyceride levels, prevent heart disease and deteriorate your eyesight. Did you know, however, that they are necessary for the proper functioning of the joints?   Fish oil – what Read more about How fish oil affects the health of your joints?[…]

Omega-3 acids activate brown adipose tissue

Brown fat tissue is responsible for the energy balance, thermogenesis and increasing the energy expenditure of the body.This prevents the body from cooling down and helps to overcome obesity.They activate the brown adipose tissue, among others, by introducing omega-3 fatty acids.   Brown adipose tissue (also called brown adipose tissue) can be activated by cold Read more about Omega-3 acids activate brown adipose tissue[…]

Omega 3 more important than we thought

Healthy omega 3 fatty acids have more advantages than thought. For their positive effect on the immune system and reducing the risk of stroke, one more action to prevent colon cancer has been added. There are two types of omega 3 DHA and EPA. The first of them has a positive effect on the brain Read more about Omega 3 more important than we thought[…]

Check what you need – popular deficiencies of vitamins and minerals

VITAMIN D We most often suffer from vitamin D deficiencies in the winter. Why? Due to the fact that it is synthesized in skin under the influence of UV radiation and more precisely ultraviolet radiation type B (UVB). Importantly, it concerns only direct exposure to sun, as these sunrays do not influence the synthesis through Read more about Check what you need – popular deficiencies of vitamins and minerals[…]

Supplements to lower cortisol level

The increase in cortisol level is most often associated with frequent staying in a stressful environment. Demanding work, tense situation at home or a stressful road in a corked city are things that often make us stressed, which is the increase in cortisol levels. Elevated levels cause problems with psychoactive functions, disturbed sleep phases or Read more about Supplements to lower cortisol level[…]

Supplements for metabolism

Metabolism, or the metabolic rate, is a very important function of the body. Then this is the absorption of nutrients and energy consumption, which is calculated in kilocalories. The metabolic rate is usually dependent on the body, although there are some of its frames calculated for a given age, gender or lifestyle. However, it happens Read more about Supplements for metabolism[…]