Leucine reduces fat and protects muscles

Current nutritional trends mean that people implementing fashionable nutrition systems deprive themselves of significant nutritional value, thus providing much smaller amounts of amino acids. The use of light and low-fat products has the other side of the coin, which indicates that products of this type are loaded with GMOs, MSG and various types of artificial Read more about Leucine reduces fat and protects muscles[…]

Gainer mutant mass

The use of carbohydrate-protein products is a fairly common strategy to support the diet. This is an option that allows us to deliver a high amount of calories quite easily, which is a tasty cocktail. Gainers in the composition have mainly carbohydrates, and their division on the supplementation market is based on the percentage of Read more about Gainer mutant mass[…]

Conditioner for mass for beginners

Building muscle mass is a complex process. For muscle mass to grow, dietary, training and supplementation conditions must be met. Building body mass associated with significant fat accumulation indicates that one of the points listed is not being carried out properly. The use of scientific research has allowed us to develop activities that effectively support Read more about Conditioner for mass for beginners[…]

HMB – action, effects and effective dosage

Nowadays, sport supplementation is quite a developed branch of the sports market. This means that looking for a product, regardless of the purpose of supporting the body of the trainer, we can easily find what we want. Nutritional, special, anabolic, nervous support, regeneration or health – the market offers us literally everything. However, supplements are Read more about HMB – action, effects and effective dosage[…]

Protein after training

The use of protein in the diet of the trainer is of great importance in the context of building a sports form.Therefore, the use of food products that will build the base of our diet should be well thought out.Protein sources in the diet should be full-value sources that will contain significant amounts of essential Read more about Protein after training[…]

Supplements for muscle mass (part 2/2)

Here you can read PART 1/2 How much should you take carbohydrate-protein type gainer? Not completely.Let’s assume that in the nutrition plan you already have brown rice, classic white rice, potatoes, whole-wheat noodles, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, porridge, fruit.We calculated the needs and for a model player they amount to> 450 g carbohydrates a day.100 g Read more about Supplements for muscle mass (part 2/2)[…]

Supplements for muscle mass (part 1/2)

Muscle mass can be built under conditions of caloric surplus.This means that the best training and supplements can be wasted due to insufficient energy supply.Therefore, reaching for nutrients without converting the whole diet in the long-term, does not bring the expected results. Why? You will provide far too much, for example, carbohydrates and fats, and Read more about Supplements for muscle mass (part 1/2)[…]

Activlab Mass Up – composition, action, flavors

Dietary supplement Activlab Mass Up is a so-called gainer.What are gainers?This is a special type of dietary supplement whose task is to support a bodybuilder in the process of building muscle mass.It provides energy that is very important, although it is not the only element that should appear in the diet of an athlete or Read more about Activlab Mass Up – composition, action, flavors[…]

Hot Blood – increase in muscle mass and more effective workouts

If someone wants to gain a high gain in muscle mass, he must be particularly involved in training.Achieving such increments in many cases will not be easy. Even if someone does heavy training and takes care of their diet, it is not able to properly develop muscle mass. Usually this problem concerns people with fast Read more about Hot Blood – increase in muscle mass and more effective workouts[…]

Mass XXL – increasing muscle strength and endurance

The Trec company introduces very good quality nutrients for athletes, which facilitate the implementation of even heavy training plans, which is why it is worth to be interested in them.Among those products that sell the best, we find a lot of protein products that allow you to build muscle mass, and gainer products, or nutrients Read more about Mass XXL – increasing muscle strength and endurance[…]