Nutrients for joints – the best preparations for joints

Intensive strength training is one of the elements that is a test for our movement apparatus. Although exercising in a technically correct way should not be a problem, the physical exercise under a considerable load causes the joints to be overloaded. This means that the appropriate rest time, not only has the function of regenerating Read more about Nutrients for joints – the best preparations for joints[…]

MSM – a sulfur compound with pro-health activity

On the market of dietary supplements, you can find many substances with a potential beneficial effect on the human body.One of them is MSM – an organic sulfur compound, a natural substance, as well as synthetically obtained.Well absorbed, easily available and inexpensive.It is suggested that the use of MSM may bring health benefits.What exactly is Read more about MSM – a sulfur compound with pro-health activity[…]

MSM – characteristics, properties, use and supplementation

MSM is a relationship that probably hardly anyone has heard of. It turns out, however, that it is nothing but an organic sulfur compound. This component is stored in the human body mainly in bones and muscles.It is an extremely important element, essential for the proper functioning of the whole organism. Unfortunately, organic sulfur compounds Read more about MSM – characteristics, properties, use and supplementation[…]

Supplements for joints

The bone system requires special protection, especially for those who are intensively training. Proper nutritional supplements should be used to ensure proper joint protection. Among them you can find preparations containing various ingredients. Collagen supplements are very effective. Collagen is a very important protein that affects the condition of bones and tendons. It plays an Read more about Supplements for joints[…]