Gainer mutant mass

The use of carbohydrate-protein products is a fairly common strategy to support the diet. This is an option that allows us to deliver a high amount of calories quite easily, which is a tasty cocktail. Gainers in the composition have mainly carbohydrates, and their division on the supplementation market is based on the percentage of Read more about Gainer mutant mass[…]

Conditioner for mass for beginners

Building muscle mass is a complex process. For muscle mass to grow, dietary, training and supplementation conditions must be met. Building body mass associated with significant fat accumulation indicates that one of the points listed is not being carried out properly. The use of scientific research has allowed us to develop activities that effectively support Read more about Conditioner for mass for beginners[…]

Supplements used with creatine

  Creatine as a separate preparation is a great supplement, but in combination with other products, it may contribute to achieving better results. Certainly, we cannot forget about proper diet and individual training plan. During creatine supplementation one should remember about the increased intake of proteins as well as vitamins and minerals. If a daily Read more about Supplements used with creatine[…]

Supplements for weight gain

If you want to gain some muscles, basically you have to “eat more”. That means, you have to eat more calories, than your organism is using in normal situation. But sometimes it’s really hard to do, so you can use some supplemental help. Those, which can help you at most are called gainers. They are Read more about Supplements for weight gain[…]

Supplements for ectomorphs

Ectomorph is a person with slim silhouette, who is characterized by faster metabolism, resulting from thyroid work. Ectomorphs have problems with gaining weight and building muscle mass. For this reason, they need carefully selected dietary supplements. In building muscle mass, ectomorphs are aided primarily by gainers, i.e. carbohydrate-protein supplements. They are effective preparations, which support Read more about Supplements for ectomorphs[…]