L-carnitine – energy from fat!

Drinking only water will not replace all the nutrients that you lose during intense exercise. We will introduce you to the world of supplements – necessary for your training to be effective, and regeneration after it was even faster. You ask a lot of questions about the supplements of their role in the daily diet Read more about L-carnitine – energy from fat![…]

L-carnitine – all knowledge in one place!

L-carnitine is a naturally occurring amino acid. It can be found in animal tissue (meat products and dairy products). L-carnitine is involved in energy metabolism and mitochondrial protection. It is created spontaneously in the body, but it can also be consumed with food. L-carnitine supplementation does not cause fat burning when there is L-carnitine deficiency. Read more about L-carnitine – all knowledge in one place![…]

L-carnitine in the process of slimming

One of the causes of problems with the figure is excessive amount of body fat. How to deal with it? L-carnitine, a compound that helps combat the inconvenience of excessive weight, comes with help. You will learn about its properties and supplementation from the article below. What is carnitine and what are its tasks? Demand Read more about L-carnitine in the process of slimming[…]