Cissus quadrangularis – support for joints

Cissus quadrangularis is a little-known plant with very effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It works especially for athletes who often struggle with pain – thanks to the use of this substance can effectively get rid of pain. TABLE OF CONTENTS Action of Cissus quadrangularis Advantages of using Cissus quadrangularis Opinions about Cissus quadrangularis   Action Read more about Cissus quadrangularis – support for joints[…]

How fish oil affects the health of your joints?

It has been proven many times that omega 3 acids, included in in fish oil, they have a positive effect on our health. They lower blood triglyceride levels, prevent heart disease and deteriorate your eyesight. Did you know, however, that they are necessary for the proper functioning of the joints?   Fish oil – what Read more about How fish oil affects the health of your joints?[…]

Type II collagen – strength guarantee!

Collagen is the main connective tissue protein – one of the fundamental building materials of the human body. Its wide application in cosmetics, medicine or sports confirms the benefits flowing from supplementation. More about the aforementioned benefits in the text below. Type II collagen – description Type II collagen (CII) is an element that is part Read more about Type II collagen – strength guarantee![…]

Supplements for cyclists

Cycling is a sport whose entitlement brings many benefits, which is why the number of its supporters is constantly increasing. Overcoming long distances is associated with a lot of effort, which is why the right diet is very important, which can be enriched with certain supplements. The riders should use, inter alia, branched chain amino Read more about Supplements for cyclists[…]

5 supplements with scientifically proven effects

The fact that the dietary supplement is not a drug is known today. However, there are compounds on the market whose activity is so strong that it has therapeutic support for our body. These supplements can therefore be used to temporarily “cure” disease symptoms and help fight against the effects of injury, abnormalities of our Read more about 5 supplements with scientifically proven effects[…]