Tinospora cordifolia – an Indian medicine

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that has its cradle in ancient India. The title meaning “knowledge about life” in its use used a plant with the exotic name Tinospora cordifolia. If you want to know what is behind this mysterious date, we refer to the following article. Tinospora cordifolia – general information Operation and Read more about Tinospora cordifolia – an Indian medicine[…]

Codonopsis instead of ginseng

Chinese herbs are used not only to overclock the taste of dishes. They have a number of properties that improve general health and supporting wound healing. Codonopsis in its composition has, inter alia, insulin, minerals and a broad spectrum of amino acids glutamine, isoleucine, alinine and aspartic acid, which naturally raises testosterone levels.   What Read more about Codonopsis instead of ginseng[…]

Herbs with slimming properties

There is no doubt that effective slimming requires proper diet and physical activity, while so-called miracle diets do not bring any good results. However, it is worth remembering that some products may facilitate the fight against overweight. People who like using the gifts of nature should pay attention to herbs that have properties supporting slimming. Read more about Herbs with slimming properties[…]