G-Bomb – ingredients, dosage, customer feedback

Amino acids are an important component of our body. Among them is, among others, a particularly important glutamine, whose high level is recorded in muscle tissue. Therefore, there should be no more surprise that this amino acid is extremely important if someone thinks about muscle development. The basic biological functions of glutamine in the human Read more about G-Bomb – ingredients, dosage, customer feedback[…]

Glutamine – action, dosage

Glutamine has been hailed as a wonderful supplement. The list of positive effects of its operation is very wide. It is now often used by athletes and non-practitioners who care about health. Due to stress, increased physical activity, numerous diseases and all kinds of overloading of the body, the demand for glutamine is definitely increasing. Read more about Glutamine – action, dosage[…]

What supplements stimulate muscles to grow the most?

What is the first reaction if the workout stops giving results? You do more training, do exercises, series or reps. You combine with training to bring the desired effect. Often, however, such a plan does not bring any results. So what to do in this situation?   Sometimes, too much intensity is a factor contributing Read more about What supplements stimulate muscles to grow the most?[…]

Supplements used with creatine

  Creatine as a separate preparation is a great supplement, but in combination with other products, it may contribute to achieving better results. Certainly, we cannot forget about proper diet and individual training plan. During creatine supplementation one should remember about the increased intake of proteins as well as vitamins and minerals. If a daily Read more about Supplements used with creatine[…]