Supplementation for footballers

Supplementary support is a popular practice among footballers. Recently, researchers from the Academy of Nutrition and Nutrition, Canada Dietitians and the American College of Sports Medicine have divided oral supplements into three categories of sports articles (such as sports drinks, chocolate bars, electrolytes), dietary supplements (iron, calcium, vitamin D and omega-3 acids) ) and specific Read more about Supplementation for footballers[…]

Post-match regeneration – nutritional strategies

Characteristics of the discipline and causes of fatigue Regeneration strategies based on “Football recovery strategies. Practical aspects of blending science and reality “G. Dupota et al. Alcohol as a factor interfering with regeneration Practical advice   Characteristics of the discipline and causes of fatigue Football is considered to be intermittent sports, requiring many interventions such Read more about Post-match regeneration – nutritional strategies[…]

Supplements for footballers

Who of us did not wonder where some people have enough energy to be able to withstand very intense workouts? Diet and systematic training alone do not guarantee success, sometimes you have to help yourself.   In the vast majority of cases, this is due to pre-workout boosters. Their main task is to increase muscle Read more about Supplements for footballers[…]