White and brown adipose tissue

Adipose tissue is associated with overweight, unsightly appearance and many diseases, but do you know that fat in the body can be divided into” good “and” bad “? Good fat, or brown adipose tissue, is metabolically active and its function is maintaining a healthy body temperature White fat is an energy store in the form Read more about White and brown adipose tissue[…]

Omega 3 more important than we thought

Healthy omega 3 fatty acids have more advantages than thought. For their positive effect on the immune system and reducing the risk of stroke, one more action to prevent colon cancer has been added. There are two types of omega 3 DHA and EPA. The first of them has a positive effect on the brain Read more about Omega 3 more important than we thought[…]

L-carnitine – energy from fat!

Drinking only water will not replace all the nutrients that you lose during intense exercise. We will introduce you to the world of supplements – necessary for your training to be effective, and regeneration after it was even faster. You ask a lot of questions about the supplements of their role in the daily diet Read more about L-carnitine – energy from fat![…]

Supplements for fight with obesity

Being overweight is often our great concern. We fight it with diet, exercise, and forget about supporting with dietary supplements. Metabolism regulators, fat burners, appetite reducers … the range of products is very large and it depends on us what kind of product we use. Metabolic regulators are products that accelerate metabolism, a fast metabolism Read more about Supplements for fight with obesity[…]

Supplements for motivation

Going through strictly to our goal, it’s easy to forget why are we even doing it. Too much fat, too little musces, or very low endurance (such low, that you cannot freerly go on even to the second floor) There are number of motivational movies. Well, you can feel better if you hear “You can Read more about Supplements for motivation[…]

Supplements for urinary tract health

Urinary tract infections are a problem which often concerns both women and men. Many people are too ashamed to talk about it, therefore, it’s worth knowing which supplements to choose in order to provide the urinary tract with proper protection.   One of the most frequent ingredients in this type of preparations is cranberry extract. Read more about Supplements for urinary tract health[…]

Supplements for endomorphs

Endomorphic body type is characterized by easy fat storage and frequent gain of adipose tissue instead of muscle tissue… It is not a dream for anybody, therefore when you are an endomorph, you need to exclude some products from your diet.   Gainers based on carbohydrateswith high glycemic index is not the best way to Read more about Supplements for endomorphs[…]