Yohimbine – aphrodisiac and fat burner?

When you look at training supplements, some of the pre-workout preparations or fat burners may come across a component called yohimbine. What action is behind this mysterious name? What should supplementation with this compound look like? Is he safe? We have tried to answer these questions in the following text. Yohimbine – description, action How Read more about Yohimbine – aphrodisiac and fat burner?[…]

Green coffee extract supports slimming

Chlorogenic acid is an organic chemical compound that is a natural antioxidant. It occurs in such products as hawthorn, artichoke, nettle or yerba mate. One of its easily digestible sources is green coffee extract. In our article, we will try to show you some of the benefits of using this product. Green coffee – description Read more about Green coffee extract supports slimming[…]

Octopamine – thermogenic fat burner!

What is octopamine? Octopamine – properties and use Supplementation and contraindications   What is octopamine? It is a metabolite of synperine, a compound that is one of the last products of L-tyrosine metabolism, making it a natural source for the human body to synthesize it. Its source is the fruit of bitter orange and bitter Read more about Octopamine – thermogenic fat burner![…]

Paleo diet

The Paleo diet is a relatively new style of nutrition that eliminates all processed foods. It’s based on food that has been known to humanity for centuries and is fully natural. It’s strongly inspired by the way our ancestors ate, who did not know the products of today’s world, including modern food. The menu includes Read more about Paleo diet[…]

Slimming with Hashimoto’s disease

There are diseases that promote putting on weight, therefore people suffering from them have problems maintaining a healthy body weight. One of such diseases is Hashimoto. This is a chronic thyroiditis, which in addition to putting on weight is manifested by constant overwork, constipation, joint and muscle pain, skin dryness, and in women also painful Read more about Slimming with Hashimoto’s disease[…]

What to drink while slimming?

Every adult person is aware of the fact that their body needs a daily dose of fluids. It is often said that we should drink at least 1.5 litres of water each day. This does not mean, however, that the only good drink is water. Even those people who use a reduction diet can reach Read more about What to drink while slimming?[…]

Carrots and apples in the reduction diet

Carrots and apples are on the menu of many slimming diets. It is believed that these vegetables and fruit are an ally of a slim figure, and at the same time contain many valuable nutrients for our health. Is it really like that?   Carrot In 100 grams of carrots, there are only 41 calories, Read more about Carrots and apples in the reduction diet[…]

Fruit and vegetables in the reduction diet

One of the first changes introduced by people striving to reduce their weight is to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed. It is considered that these are dietetic food products that should be the basic element of a diet during slimming. In reality, however, not all kinds of fruit and vegetables can be Read more about Fruit and vegetables in the reduction diet[…]

Herbs with slimming properties

There is no doubt that effective slimming requires proper diet and physical activity, while so-called miracle diets do not bring any good results. However, it is worth remembering that some products may facilitate the fight against overweight. People who like using the gifts of nature should pay attention to herbs that have properties supporting slimming. Read more about Herbs with slimming properties[…]

Resveratrol and leucine – a great weight loss combo.

Classic thermogenic products are usually designed using ingredients which efficiently increase the level of thermogenesis, which translates, among other things, into the increase of the level of lipozene. Tennessee researchers have proven that leucine and resveratrol should constitute a large portion of this type of products, as their combination effectively aids weight loss. The research Read more about Resveratrol and leucine – a great weight loss combo.[…]