Vitamin D – should you supplement?

Properties of vitamin D The role of vitamin D in the body The effects of scarcity and excess Food products containing vitamin D When is the need for supplementation? Recommendations for vitamin D supplementation   Properties of vitamin D The name vitamin D concerns two compounds. They are ergocalciferol (D2) and cholecalciferol (D3). They differ in Read more about Vitamin D – should you supplement?[…]

Everything about almonds!

Irreplaceable minerals Essential vitamins Essential unsaturated fatty acids in almonds Help for pregnant women Support in a slimming diet   Irreplaceable minerals Almonds are a very good source of calcium, necessary for building bones. Magnesium, which also provides almonds, is helpful in states of fatigue and stress. Zinc, potassium and phosphorus are elements that are Read more about Everything about almonds![…]

Carrots and apples in the reduction diet

Carrots and apples are on the menu of many slimming diets. It is believed that these vegetables and fruit are an ally of a slim figure, and at the same time contain many valuable nutrients for our health. Is it really like that?   Carrot In 100 grams of carrots, there are only 41 calories, Read more about Carrots and apples in the reduction diet[…]

Fruit and vegetables in the reduction diet

One of the first changes introduced by people striving to reduce their weight is to increase the amount of fruit and vegetables consumed. It is considered that these are dietetic food products that should be the basic element of a diet during slimming. In reality, however, not all kinds of fruit and vegetables can be Read more about Fruit and vegetables in the reduction diet[…]

Readers’ questions and expert answers

Hey there. I am 174 cm tall and I weight 78 kg, my body looks how it looks, a little chubby but it’s not that bad. I wanted to know if I should work out at the gym and go on a diet? I took up gym about 1,5 month ago. I eat about 1,4 Read more about Readers’ questions and expert answers[…]

Supplements for breastfeeding mothers

Pregnancy and childbirth considerably weaken the organism of women, which may result in deficiencies. Moreover, mother’s milk is poor in nutrients, if there are few of them in the woman’s organism. It should not be ignored, as the composition of milk considerably influences the growth and development of a child, which for every mother is Read more about Supplements for breastfeeding mothers[…]