8 supplements for MMA players

The use of proper supplementation in MMA training is quite a challenge.This is a completely different character of the effort than the one usually used by gym goers, and the fighter must be provided with adequate regeneration conditions, as well as supplements should show some functionality in their operation. We have prepared for you a Read more about 8 supplements for MMA players[…]

Citrulline – a broad-spectrum amino acid

The name citrulina derives from the Latin name of watermelon – Citrullus vulgaris, because it was from the juice of this fruit that it was first isolated. TABLE OF CONTENTS Citrulline – what it is Watermelon juice and citrulline level Citrulline and intestinal resection Citrulline and physical effort Citrulline in malnutrition? Citruline and erection problems Read more about Citrulline – a broad-spectrum amino acid[…]

Nitrobolon II – composition, action, effects,

Trec Nutrition does not need to be presented to anyone. Trec Nutrition is a solid company whose products testify to the exceptional market sense and the needs of athletes. This is no different with Nitrobolone II.This is a modification of the popular nutrient.Trec Nutrition decided to modernize it. Nitrobolone II was created so that athletes Read more about Nitrobolon II – composition, action, effects,[…]

Citrulline for a “muscle pump”

The muscular pump is a very desirable effect during intense workouts. There is a large number of compounds and substances responsible for obtaining it. One of them is citrulline, which, however, is not so popular. Our article will try to show you the benefits of using it, and maybe even persuade you to include it Read more about Citrulline for a “muscle pump”[…]