Carbohydrates when to use for performance increases?

It is assumed that carbohydrates do not bring large profits in the first hour of endurance training, probably because the glycogen resources are not significantly impoverished then.In turn, there are reports on the benefits of carbohydrates even during less than one hour of strength training. In general, systematic reviews of scientific studies indicate that carbohydrates Read more about Carbohydrates when to use for performance increases?[…]

Max Carb – guarantees a rapid increase of strength and durability

If we think about starting gym training, we aim to have as much energy as possible to complete this training well. Therefore, no one is surprised that all carbohydrate nutrients are so popular.Each serving of high-quality carbo preparation provides a substantial dose of kilocalories, thanks to which training is easier and regeneration after exercise is Read more about Max Carb – guarantees a rapid increase of strength and durability[…]

The 6 biggest nutritional problems

A proper diet is one of the basic factors that influence the behavior of health. However, athletes often make simple nutritional mistakes that have consequences that are sometimes difficult to fix. Therefore, let’s take a look at the most common nutritional problems faced by sports people. Let’s try to avoid them.   Drastic calorie reduction Read more about The 6 biggest nutritional problems[…]

Gainer for muscle mass!

Supplementation is designed to support the training plan. On the internet forums, questions are constantly passing, usually from beginners gyms, ie What gainer to mass? What gainer do you recommend? What good and cheap gainer? Which gainer to choose? Our material will dispel all doubts on the subject of this conditioner. Check if the gainer Read more about Gainer for muscle mass![…]

What are gainers? Who should use them?

What are gainer carbohydrate-protein nutrients? Who is it recommended to use? Is it necessary to eat carbohydrate-protein shakes to build muscle mass?   What are gainers? Gainer is a carbohydrate-protein conditioner in powder form. The composition of the standard gainer is mostly carbohydrates, constituting about 70% of the content and protein – about 15%. Carbohydrate-protein Read more about What are gainers? Who should use them?[…]

Protein or Gainer – what’s better for mass?

What is whey protein and what is Gainer and what is the better choice when building muscle mass? Who is it recommended to use this type of nutrients and when should they be used? Below you will find answers to the basic questions related to supplementation with these supplements. The question of which conditioner will Read more about Protein or Gainer – what’s better for mass?[…]

Supplements for steroids

Anabolic steroids are used by many athletes because they help in building muscle mass and lead to increased strength and endurance. When deciding on taking steroids, it is worth paying attention to dietary supplements that can help them work. When taking steroids, protein and carbohydrate nutrients play a very important role. It is possible to Read more about Supplements for steroids[…]