8 supplements for MMA players

The use of proper supplementation in MMA training is quite a challenge.This is a completely different character of the effort than the one usually used by gym goers, and the fighter must be provided with adequate regeneration conditions, as well as supplements should show some functionality in their operation. We have prepared for you a Read more about 8 supplements for MMA players[…]

Pre-workout – price, opinions and safety

The use of supplements of this type is intended to support our body in training activities.In the course of the training cycle, weaker days happen, where we do not have too much desire for physical activity.While the issue does not concern a poor diet or lack of sleep, and we are simply tired of everyday Read more about Pre-workout – price, opinions and safety[…]

Why should not you drink coffee just after waking up?

Little black or with milk? Regardless of which coffee you prefer, better wait with her until 10:00. Advice for coffee lovers who start their day with a cup of coffee, take your time – it’s best to reach for coffee between 9.30 am and 11.30 am The best time is 10.30 am The optimal time Read more about Why should not you drink coffee just after waking up?[…]

5 burners that help build muscle mass

In the whole group of various food products there are substances and compounds that help us build muscle mass in a completely natural way. Often we reach for chemical means, nutrients and tablets supporting the construction of a muscular image. This is not always necessary because similar effects can be achieved in the most natural Read more about 5 burners that help build muscle mass[…]

Green coffee – hit or putty?

Green coffee is a frequently used supplement supporting slimming. You can find it in the form of capsules or infusion. What is it really? Grains of green coffee are grains that have not been heat treated. Thanks to the fact that they are not roasted, they have a green color and retain certain properties that Read more about Green coffee – hit or putty?[…]

Supplementation for footballers

Supplementary support is a popular practice among footballers. Recently, researchers from the Academy of Nutrition and Nutrition, Canada Dietitians and the American College of Sports Medicine have divided oral supplements into three categories of sports articles (such as sports drinks, chocolate bars, electrolytes), dietary supplements (iron, calcium, vitamin D and omega-3 acids) ) and specific Read more about Supplementation for footballers[…]

Stimulants – the most important information

Everyone has worse days, we feel a big drop in energy, we do not want to do anything. In such moments we often reach for stimulants and stimulants that are supposed to increase our mental efficiency and productivity. What are they and how they work? Who can use them? Types of stimulants and their characteristics Read more about Stimulants – the most important information[…]

Will the decaffeinated fat burner work?

In current supplementation, caffeine is one of the main ingredients of fat burners. It’s caused by its mobilizing and stimulating action. An animated organism produces more energy and thus increases its temperature. It can be said with a clear conscience that caffeine is the basic substance in the fight against excess body fat. On the Read more about Will the decaffeinated fat burner work?[…]