Leucine reduces fat and protects muscles

Current nutritional trends mean that people implementing fashionable nutrition systems deprive themselves of significant nutritional value, thus providing much smaller amounts of amino acids. The use of light and low-fat products has the other side of the coin, which indicates that products of this type are loaded with GMOs, MSG and various types of artificial Read more about Leucine reduces fat and protects muscles[…]

9 reasons why BCAAs should be used

Currently, with BCAA amino acids, so many people criticize their action. However, when looking through professional literature, one can notice some facts that indicate that their influence on the human body undoubtedly exists and is necessary for many biochemical reactions beneficial to our musculature. BCAA amino acids are obtained from such food sources as dairy, Read more about 9 reasons why BCAAs should be used[…]

8 supplements for MMA players

The use of proper supplementation in MMA training is quite a challenge.This is a completely different character of the effort than the one usually used by gym goers, and the fighter must be provided with adequate regeneration conditions, as well as supplements should show some functionality in their operation. We have prepared for you a Read more about 8 supplements for MMA players[…]

BCAA – dosage, action

The use of supplementation to support the building of muscle mass is a fairly common strategy for trainers. It can not be concealed that heavy strength training, significant activity on a weekly scale, requires the use of products that will provide our muscles with what they need for growth. There is quite a large group Read more about BCAA – dosage, action[…]

What about regeneration after training?

If you think about a few supplements that are extremely important for the work of our muscles during and after physical exertion, undoubtedly will be among them popular BCAAs, or branched amino acids.These include the three most important amino acids included in the exogenous amino acids, that is, those that our body is unable to Read more about What about regeneration after training?[…]

BCAA branched amino acids – activity, dosage

Looking at athletes’ supplementation plans, it can be noticed that they most often use branched chain amino acids.It is one of the methods that aims to help the effort of the trainers, which translates directly into the results.Heavy strength effort causes that our body needs additional support in the form of fast forms of amino Read more about BCAA branched amino acids – activity, dosage[…]

Amino acids – types, action and application,

When we look at the subject of amino acids, we quickly come to the conclusion that it is quite extensive knowledge that covers practically all aspects of our lives.The role of amino acids is particularly important from the point of view of trainers, but not only from the point of view of athletes.The key role Read more about Amino acids – types, action and application,[…]

Protein supplements – which protein to choose?

Supplementation of people actively practicing strength sports can be very extensive.Trainers use creatine, beta-alanine, l-carnitine, caffeine, arginine and protein-like nutrients, BCAAs or amino acids. However, if we ask some of them without what product they can not imagine, they reply that it is a protein.Protein is an element of the diet, which not only allows Read more about Protein supplements – which protein to choose?[…]

Protein after training

The use of protein in the diet of the trainer is of great importance in the context of building a sports form.Therefore, the use of food products that will build the base of our diet should be well thought out.Protein sources in the diet should be full-value sources that will contain significant amounts of essential Read more about Protein after training[…]

WPC 80 – benefits, dosage and application

The use of proteins in the diet of active people is experiencing its renaissance.Apart from typical sports issues, proteins are added to yoghurts, milk and chocolate bars.We will even meet high-protein bread.People’s awareness increases as to the share of proteins in the diet and their values, so the demand for raw material of this type Read more about WPC 80 – benefits, dosage and application[…]