AAKG Olimp – perfect support for trainers

Dietary supplement AAKG Olimp is not a typical gainer, a mixture of building material and energy for building the largest muscles, it is also not a typical protein nutrient, thanks to which the body receives a proper portion of proteins for proper expansion, it is not a BCAA amino acid complex, without which it is Read more about AAKG Olimp – perfect support for trainers[…]

Nitrobolon II – composition, action, effects,

Trec Nutrition does not need to be presented to anyone. Trec Nutrition is a solid company whose products testify to the exceptional market sense and the needs of athletes. This is no different with Nitrobolone II.This is a modification of the popular nutrient.Trec Nutrition decided to modernize it. Nitrobolone II was created so that athletes Read more about Nitrobolon II – composition, action, effects,[…]

What supplements stimulate muscles to grow the most?

What is the first reaction if the workout stops giving results? You do more training, do exercises, series or reps. You combine with training to bring the desired effect. Often, however, such a plan does not bring any results. So what to do in this situation?   Sometimes, too much intensity is a factor contributing Read more about What supplements stimulate muscles to grow the most?[…]

Citrulline for a “muscle pump”

The muscular pump is a very desirable effect during intense workouts. There is a large number of compounds and substances responsible for obtaining it. One of them is citrulline, which, however, is not so popular. Our article will try to show you the benefits of using it, and maybe even persuade you to include it Read more about Citrulline for a “muscle pump”[…]