Egg or chicken – what was the first? We choose the best source of protein

Protein is one of the basic elements of the diet. It is necessary for the proper functioning of the body, especially for people practicing physical exercise. Proteins can be derived from various sources. Today we will look at the two most popular among bodybuilders, i.e. the egg and chicken meat.   Regardless of whether your Read more about Egg or chicken – what was the first? We choose the best source of protein[…]

Everything about BCAA!

The extraordinary popularity of BCAA means that some see it as an essential supplement, while others consider it superfluous, while scientific research proves that BCAA really improves the effects of training. Does BCAA work? See the article.   BCAA BCAA branched chain amino acids are very popular on the market of supplements for trainers, it Read more about Everything about BCAA![…]

BCAA – what is it really?

BCAA branched amino acids are an important supplement in the diet of every athlete. They found particular application among supporters of strength sports. Currently, branched chain amino acids are a component of many other nutrients, even protein mixes. What is a BCAA preparation and what do we know about it? How it works? From this Read more about BCAA – what is it really?[…]

Everything you need to know about BCAA

BCAA is the source of exogenous branched chain amino acids that must be delivered to the body from the outside, i.e. with food. These relationships are indispensable for the development of our musculature and body shaping. It is one of the most used preparations in supplementation. What does BCAA give you? About this below. BCAA Read more about Everything you need to know about BCAA[…]

Amino acids EAA effectively build muscle tissue

Any athlete‚Äôs diet should contain an appropriate amount of protein, which is rich in amino acids EAA. This will, in turn, ensure an increase in muscle mass. Research has shown that taking advantage of additional dietary supplements containing 15 grams of amino acids EAA a day has a direct influence on the increase of muscle Read more about Amino acids EAA effectively build muscle tissue[…]

Dietary supplements – BCAA

BCAA in the form of a dietary supplement is a preparation containing exogenous branched amino acids, which the body is unable to produce in any way. It is also important that these amino acids constitute about 25% of all compounds of this type found in muscle structures. In part, they are delivered with food, although Read more about Dietary supplements – BCAA[…]