Best Nutritional Supplements

What You Need To Know And What Works?

Supplements for women

Many dietary supplements are created for both women and men, but there are preparations that are specifically designed for women. Among them are mainly complexes of vitamins and minerals. These are products containing all the micro and macro elements needed by humans, however, most of the composition are those vitamins and minerals that women in Read more about Supplements for women[…]

Supplements for children

Dietary supplements not only help adults gain a muscular figure or lose weight in the form of adipose tissue. They are also help for children during periods of cold, fatigue or appetite. During autumn periods of colds it is worth getting interested in vitamin C supplementation. Vitamin C is one of the most popular and Read more about Supplements for children[…]

Supplements to lower cortisol level

The increase in cortisol level is most often associated with frequent staying in a stressful environment. Demanding work, tense situation at home or a stressful road in a corked city are things that often make us stressed, which is the increase in cortisol levels. Elevated levels cause problems with psychoactive functions, disturbed sleep phases or Read more about Supplements to lower cortisol level[…]

Supplements for adrenal regeneration

The adrenal glands are secretory glands located in the upper part of the kidneys. They consist of a cortical and spinal part. The bark is 80-90% superior to the adrenal gland. The bark produces three types of steroids: 1.) Glucocorticoids – Cortisol. 2.) Mineralocorticoids – Aldosterone. 3.) Small amounts of sex hormones. Excessive stress, poor Read more about Supplements for adrenal regeneration[…]

Supplements for concentrations

Dietary supplements help us in many areas of life. They increase immunity, regeneratively affect our body or protect against specific organs. In the case of distractions and memory problems, you can also help with supplements. There are a lot of products, defined by brain booster, which improve cognitive processes and concentrations.  Apollos Hegemony Brain Fuel Read more about Supplements for concentrations[…]

Supplements for alcoholics

Alcoholism is a very difficult subject, but extremely current. More and more young people fall into this addiction. It is deadly dangerous, and often before the addicted person gets adequate help and escape from the addiction, alcohol will ravage her body. People with alcoholism after withdrawal need full detox to get rid of toxins and Read more about Supplements for alcoholics[…]

Supplements for nursing mothers

Pregnancy and childbirth considerably weaken the woman’s body, which can manifest itself in deficiencies. In addition, the milk of the nursing mother is the poorer the nutrient, the less is found in the woman’s body. This can not be underestimated, because the composition of food largely affects the growth and development of the child, which Read more about Supplements for nursing mothers[…]

Supplements for well-being

Many factors affect the well-being. Typically, these are: prolonged stress, too short and shallow sleep, deficiencies of vitamins and minerals and improper diet. Appropriate supplementation will definitely improve our mental condition, add energy and increase vitality. However, it is worth knowing what ingredients in supplements we should look for, to bring the best effect. Rhodiola Read more about Supplements for well-being[…]

Supplements for metabolism

Metabolism, or the metabolic rate, is a very important function of the body. Then this is the absorption of nutrients and energy consumption, which is calculated in kilocalories. The metabolic rate is usually dependent on the body, although there are some of its frames calculated for a given age, gender or lifestyle. However, it happens Read more about Supplements for metabolism[…]