Supplementation during training

Perinatal supplementation is the key to large and masculine muscles. However, is there anything that works much better than mineral water during training? It will improve performance and, by the way, an irritable organism? As you can see from the article below, sometimes the best dietary supplements are enough to mix together to maintain reliable Read more about Supplementation during training[…]

Yohimbine – aphrodisiac and fat burner?

When you look at training supplements, some of the pre-workout preparations or fat burners may come across a component called yohimbine. What action is behind this mysterious name? What should supplementation with this compound look like? Is he safe? We have tried to answer these questions in the following text. Yohimbine – description, action How Read more about Yohimbine – aphrodisiac and fat burner?[…]

Stimulants – the most important information

Everyone has worse days, we feel a big drop in energy, we do not want to do anything. In such moments we often reach for stimulants and stimulants that are supposed to increase our mental efficiency and productivity. What are they and how they work? Who can use them? Types of stimulants and their characteristics Read more about Stimulants – the most important information[…]

Citrulline for a “muscle pump”

The muscular pump is a very desirable effect during intense workouts. There is a large number of compounds and substances responsible for obtaining it. One of them is citrulline, which, however, is not so popular. Our article will try to show you the benefits of using it, and maybe even persuade you to include it Read more about Citrulline for a “muscle pump”[…]

Post-match regeneration – nutritional strategies

Characteristics of the discipline and causes of fatigue Regeneration strategies based on “Football recovery strategies. Practical aspects of blending science and reality “G. Dupota et al. Alcohol as a factor interfering with regeneration Practical advice   Characteristics of the discipline and causes of fatigue Football is considered to be intermittent sports, requiring many interventions such Read more about Post-match regeneration – nutritional strategies[…]

Bulk for muscle mass!

What is bulk Bulk – operation Bulk – dosage Bulk – reviews Bulk – price   What is bulk Bulk is one of the dietary supplements that can be included in the group of gainer preparations. Gainers are called protein-carbohydrate nutrients, which are used by people exercising as an additional support for a high-calorie diet. Read more about Bulk for muscle mass![…]

Ranking of the best BCAA supplements

From the huge range of BCAA supplements, it is worth choosing a preparation that will be the best for us and adapted to the specificity of the training. However, this is not so obvious. There are plenty of BCAA supplements available on the market, but which one is the best? We often wonder what to Read more about Ranking of the best BCAA supplements[…]

Everything about BCAA!

What is BCAA? When to use BCAA amino acids? Why is BCAA supplementation so important? How does the BCAA supplement work? Method of using the BCAA supplement Can the use of the BCAA supplement harm?   What is BCAA? BCAA (Branched Chained Amino Acids) are branched-chain amino acids. Their action is based on stimulating the Read more about Everything about BCAA![…]

Collagen for prevent injuries?

1. Type II collagen – description 2. Operation and application 3. Supplementation with collagen 1. Type II collagen – description Type II collagen (CII) is an element that is part of human articular cartilage. A variety of this compound is very common and available on the market as shark gelatin. Due to its flexibility and Read more about Collagen for prevent injuries?[…]

HMB – anti-catabolic supplement?

What is HMB? What are the tasks? How to dose a supplement?   What is HMB? HMB, or beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, is a derivative of leucine, and therefore a branched amino acid that is part of BCAA. This component is found in trace amounts in foods such as grapefruit, alfalfa or fish meat. HMB was first discovered Read more about HMB – anti-catabolic supplement?[…]