Best Nutritional Supplements

What You Need To Know And What Works?

L-carnitine in the process of slimming

One of the causes of problems with the figure is excessive amount of body fat. How to deal with it? L-carnitine, a compound that helps combat the inconvenience of excessive weight, comes with help. You will learn about its properties and supplementation from the article below. What is carnitine and what are its tasks? Demand Read more about L-carnitine in the process of slimming[…]

Supplements in powder vs capsules

Dietary supplements and conditioners are products found in many different forms. The most popular forms of dietary supplements for years have been capsules and powder. Seemingly, it may seem to be irrelevant to most people, but it is worth looking at them and clearly defining what is more beneficial for us. Which form is better Read more about Supplements in powder vs capsules[…]

Vitamin K – a coagulant initiator

The coagulation process is determined by a factor called prothrombin, which is formed in the liver. Its synthesis is possible thanks to the title vitamin K. The following article will allow you to familiarize yourself with it a bit more accurately. A few words about vitamin K Who should use it? Properties How to use? Read more about Vitamin K – a coagulant initiator[…]

Bromelin – a natural protein enzyme

Pineapple is a fruit of the genus bromeliads. It contains a preparation whose name comes from their type – here we speak about bromelin. What characterizes this relationship and what its action is in the body? We have tried to answer these questions in the following article. General characteristics Use of bromeline Properties Dosing and Read more about Bromelin – a natural protein enzyme[…]

Punarnava – an Indian ally

The plant kingdom abounds in numerous varieties of organisms that can be successfully used instead of synthetic preparations from pharmacies’ shelves. One of such examples of healing plants is Punarnava. General information Who should use? Action and contraindications How to dose?   General information Punarnava, also known as Boerhavia diffusa, is a plant that is Read more about Punarnava – an Indian ally[…]

Butea monosperma – benefits from the tropics

Tropical forests abound in a number of plants whose properties are not fully understood. One of such organisms is Butea monosperma – tree from the family of fabaceae, which successfully finds its place in broadly understood medicine. If you want to learn more, we invite you to the rest of the text. Butea monosperma – Read more about Butea monosperma – benefits from the tropics[…]

Tinospora cordifolia – an Indian medicine

Ayurveda is a system of medicine that has its cradle in ancient India. The title meaning “knowledge about life” in its use used a plant with the exotic name Tinospora cordifolia. If you want to know what is behind this mysterious date, we refer to the following article. Tinospora cordifolia – general information Operation and Read more about Tinospora cordifolia – an Indian medicine[…]

Milk thistle – detox and regeneration

The enormity of the plant world and the benefits of their natural properties are difficult to imagine, let alone to grasp. There is milk thistle among countless species of flora. What is this species and what are its features? We invite you for information to the article below. What is milk thistle? Who should use Read more about Milk thistle – detox and regeneration[…]

Who is berberine for?

Linen and barberry. These two plants are the source of a very helpful and healthy substance called berberine. If you want to slightly broaden your knowledge about this preparation, we invite you to the following article. A supplement called berberine Who is it intended for? How does berberine work? Supplementation   A supplement called berberine Read more about Who is berberine for?[…]

Bor and its unusual properties

Isolated in 1808, the semi-metal known as boron has found its application in the chemical industry and even nuclear technology. Can this element be another supplement, which should be used without any worries by the practitioners? Our article is designed to bring the subject of this relationship a little closer. What is hidden under the Read more about Bor and its unusual properties[…]