Best Nutritional Supplements

What You Need To Know And What Works?

Omega-6 and Omega-3

Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids are considered essential fatty acids, which means that they are crucial for human health, but the human body is unable to produce them. Therefore, they must come from the food they eat. These acids belong to the group of 49 known, essential nutrients. Sunflower, safflower, corn oil, soybeans and cotton Read more about Omega-6 and Omega-3[…]

Facts and myths of supplementation

I would like to raise the issue of the lingering myths in supplementation, whose occurrence intensifies with the advent of the season for the seasonal practice of strength sports. Every day I have contact with controversial views, a few of them I have the opportunity to correct especially for you in the article in the Read more about Facts and myths of supplementation[…]

What selenium can do for you? (part 2/2)

HERE YOU CAN READ PART 1/2 – CLICK Do Europeans need more selenium in their diet? The consumption of selenium in many European countries has significantly decreased in recent decades.Factors that contribute to this are crop engineering oriented towards obtaining higher yields and increasing the use of sulfur in fertilizers, which competes with selenium in Read more about What selenium can do for you? (part 2/2)[…]

What selenium can do for you? (part 1/2)

In view of the fact that Europe is becoming more and more aware of what ingredients can be found in food and how what we eat affects our health – the subject of functional food is becoming more and more popular. Introduction -Europers are highly aware of the importance of food and its relationship to Read more about What selenium can do for you? (part 1/2)[…]

Birth control pills

Precise knowledge of contraception is a chance for a child to appear in the most optimal conditions for the proper development of time and time.We live in a time when contraceptive pills have become the most frequently chosen method of contraception.The period of enormous popularization of the marriage calendars, or intermittent relations in a sense, Read more about Birth control pills[…]

Fight against Atopic Skin Burns

Probiotics support prevention, alleviation of symptoms and treatment of allergies – confirm the research team professor Bo┼╝ena Cukrowska from the Center for Child Health.According to the researchers, the best effectiveness in combating allergy is shown by good bacteria from the geographical area in which they are used.Child allergy is a nuisance for a toddler and Read more about Fight against Atopic Skin Burns[…]

Alopecia is a common clinical problem that causes greater than physiological hair loss

When the loss is greater than 100 hairs per day, there is excessive hair loss, which unfortunately often contributes to baldness. This ailment is caused by premature hair rupture – anagen balding, or a greater number of growing hairs in the resting phase – telogen effluvium. There are many types of baldness.The ones we know Read more about Alopecia is a common clinical problem that causes greater than physiological hair loss[…]

Green tea – properties (part 2/2)

HERE YOU CAN READ PART 1/2 – CLICK Ovarian cancer The consumption of green tea increases the chances of women winning from ovarian cancer.In a study published in November 2004 in the International Journal of Cancer, women with ovarian cancer who drank at least 1 cup of green tea a day had a 56% reduced Read more about Green tea – properties (part 2/2)[…]

Green tea – properties (part 1/2)

Green tea is minimally processed and thus contains the most polyphenols, especially catechin called 3-epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), which is responsible for most of the health benefits associated with drinking green tea.Green tea is produced by quickly evaporating freshly harvested leaves, which makes them soft and flexible and prevents fermentation or color changes.After evaporation, the leaves Read more about Green tea – properties (part 1/2)[…]

Slimming pills

Research on the state of nutrition shows that too much sugar, animal fats and white bread are consumed.Thus, we consume less valuable products for the body, such as cheese, milk, coarse bread, thick cereal, vegetable fats, vegetables and fruits, and legume seeds.Lack of rational nutrition and lack of food culture, in the form of so-called Read more about Slimming pills[…]